Driving in the winter can be challenging even for the most meticulous and skillful driver. Snowstorms, icy roads, and strong winds can compromise how much control a driver has over their vehicle. A driver’s visibility can be affected by heavy snowfall, and slippery roads can send your car in the wrong direction.

Luckily, more car companies are offering winter-friendly features that can keep you stay safe while on the road. Here are seven safety features that can come in handy when temperatures drop below freezing.

All-Wheel Drive: An all-wheel drive vehicle provides power to all of your tires and helps with acceleration when there’s snow, ice, or rain on the ground.

Heated Seats: Being comfortable while driving is essential to a driver’s safety. Having heated seats are great because they warm up faster than your car’s heater. They also help ease pain and stiffness in the neck, back, arms and shoulders.  

Remote Start: This feature works just like a remote control and can now be accessible using a smartphone. It allows you to turn on and warm up your car in advance from the comfort of your home.

Engine Block Heater: Having a block heater can help reduce cold-weather stress when warming up your car. This feature allows the engine to start and warm up quicker than it normally would during freezing temperatures.

Headlight Washers and Wipers: One of the biggest challenges about driving in the winter is limited visibility. Snow, ice and road salt can accumulate on your headlights and dim their illumination. This safety feature helps remove unwanted blockage from the headlight.

Winter Tires: These tires are designed to help improve your car’s acceleration, braking, and handling during severe snowstorms. Winter tires have a distinctive tread pattern and are made of rubber that remains soft in the cold for better traction.

Windshield Wipers De-Icers: A windshield wiper de-icer helps prevent wipers from getting frozen. This system works by melting the snow and ice from the wiper blades so that they don’t remain stuck to the glass