Gulf Auto Zone

July’s Editor Note

Intensity of the Gulf summer increases and the outward journey begins. The time is, when most sectors go into a lull. This is time most industries in the GCC ready with their maintenance for the winter when the market awakens again. When this market awakens again one will see the…

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June’s Editor Note

GAZ is undergoing sea changes in the overall style and content. We take our readers alongside us and await  your feedback on the content, packaging and benefit this product brings to you. Our ears wait for your words of joy or otherwise. We have gone deeper into the international market…

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May’s Editor Note

The spectacular conduct of the Bahrain Formula One and its festivities have just disappeared around the corner and the nation gets ready for the Holy Fasting month of Ramadan and the intense desert summer. The race as it unfolded, along with what the bosses responsible for this great festival think…

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