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Right Service at Right time ensures your vehicle long life

Servicing a car is as importance as maintaining it. Right service at the right time will help you gain the life of the car, and make it life simple. We interviewed Mr. Hasan Abdulla, head of Service, Almoayyed. He have been in the industry from the past 20 years and have worked at various levels starting from customer service interaction to presently being given the responsibility to head the business unit of renowned NISSAN brand.  Opportunity to work at various levels have given him certain distinct advantages and owing to my experience, “I am able to understand the expectation, which a customer is having from us, when he walks to us, be it a Bahraini or an Expatriates” Read the excerpts.

• To be a professional in the Automobile Industry was your choice or a chance?

I have always been fascinated with Automobile industry and always wanted to be a part of it from my young days.  It had always been my first choice and now with the passage of time, serving customers or I would say delighting them is my passion, more than a profession to me.  I am always looking out for the practices which we can adopt to delight our customers, although with changing times, it can become truly challenging at times.

• What is the key factor that ensures a vehicle’s life and performance?

Well, first of all let me tell you that NISSAN counts in top 4 manufacturers of the world and they tries to ensure that each of their vehicle has a long life, safe and should have great performance, however, there are certain obligations on our part also. To ensure that vehicle has long life and great performance, we should also ensure the following:

a. Ensure that vehicles are not driven roughly.

b.      Vehicle should be serviced from genuine authorized dealers only, for which Y.K. Almoayyed & Sons, have always providing the best services and support to our customers.

c.  Ensure vehicles gets serviced, as per its manual.

d.  Not to delay if something unusual is noticed in the vehicle and it shall be immediately taken for service.

•  How can a service centre develop a culture for maintaining a win-win situation with clients?

Service Centre’s should try to offer genuine and reliable services to its customers, with utmost honesty. It should be done by ensuring that the customers get their cars serviced in a timely manner, for which we ensure that our customers are regularly reminded, when the service of their vehicle is due. Further, the customer should be made aware of the defects or defaults in vehicles in a timely manner, so that customer is in a position to take timely decision for its correction, replacement of any part etc.,  so that he does not unnecessarily feels troubled on the roads. Finally, it must be ensured that the customer is billed properly, and he should pay what he was informed before in advance and according to the estimates.

Such kinds of practice really make a win-win situation for both customers as well for us. Finally, we should never forget the principle of delighting out customers and do Job in hand to best of our abilities. Further, we should never make unrealistic promises to our customers.

At Y.K. Almoayyed, we believe that the long term service contracts value for money and a win-win situation for all. In this direction, we are offering Taylor made contracts to suit each of our customer needs. We are further evaluating for provision of services where customers should not come to us, instead, we get his vehicle serviced at his door step. I hope soon market will hear about this service started by our premium brands.

• What is the future of service centers in automobile industry and what all are the plans of Nissan to improve the end user experience?

Good question!! Automobile industry is changing very rapidly and artificial intelligence is the buzzword in the industry, nowadays. The words like zero emission, zero fatality, clean energy, autonomous driving etc. are common word these days. Considering the aforesaid, we can be quite sure that the standards for vehicle service would also evolve with time.

As already mentioned we in future are trying to give the service at the door step of the customer. Further, we are keeping abreast with times and trying to receive regular feedback from the customers as to know what our customers looking for in a great service experience and we are trying to bring the customer’s expectations in to reality.

Y.K. Almoayyed, is further assuring that it not only have such futuristic vehicles in place for selling, but also have adequate infrastructure, technical capability/ resources etc. for handling such new generation of vehicles, well in advance.

I believe Nissan is the frontrunner in this industry and soon giving us such beautiful machines to enrich our lives and we would definitely have start of art facility for servicing of these vehicles.

• From you experience, could you please share to our readers as to how they maintain their car in the winter season?

As mentioned earlier, the Vehicle should be treated as family member and it applies in all weather conditions. However, one important point I would like to mention here that there are lot of stray cats in Bahrain and these poor animals, in search of shelter and specially during winters, may hide inside your engine compartment and other places in side your car, which is not only dangerous to these little animals but also to your car engine drive belts/components. Thus, just ensure before starting your vehicle that no animal is there inside your vehicle, by taking a walk around the vehicle.

Finally, as far as the car is properly maintained and serviced as per the manufacturer’s recommendation, there is nothing to worry.