Feel the Adventure, experience the brand ! Feel the Adventure, experience the brand !

Fuel Type
  • Performance
    Excellent of 5.0
  • Comfort
    Excellent of 5.0
  • Interior
    Excellent of 5.0
  • Exterior
    Excellent of 5.0
GAZ Team

A genuine example of an all-rounder, which is rich and family friendly and cue us of how SUV’s used to be when we were growing up. The yearning of being in one is like going back in time and live over the glad memories.

There are many grounds but three of them have worked well for the Safari’s - lightweight, fantastic torque low down in the rev range and a steep approach angle, for adventure lovers.

The super Safari is powered by the Nissan’s legendary 4.8L, inline 6 cylinder engine which produces 280Hp @ 4800 rpm and 451 Nm @ 3600 rpm. We have tested many SUV’s but the Super Safari would always have a unique place. May be it bit old fashioned and revamped but counterbalances all that in its spirit of excitement and driving. The Super Safari is the vehicle we would like to have till the end of time.

With its vivid styling and richly appointed interior, the Nissan Patrol will overstep your expectations of a 4WD vehicle. Step inside and see for yourself. An excellent driving experience awaits.


Delivering more power and torque, the potent TB48DE 4800 is equipped with VTC and NICS to provide the Patrol with surpassing off-road performance and impressive top-speed on the highway.


GAZ Team