As Ebrahim K. Kanoo, the exclusive distributors of Lexus in the Kingdom of Bahrain prepare for the local launch of the latest Lexus UX on the 8th of December; the team shares some insights about some of the exquisite design elements.

The overall design theme combines strength with refinement, and style with functionality.

The spindle grille, though sharing its basic shape with other Lexus models, is unique to the UX. It features a new mesh pattern with individual elements that gradually change in shape and create an intriguing three-dimensional appearance that appears to change with the viewing angle.

The vehicle’s basic form flows out from the lines of the spindle grille to envelop the cabin. Crisp, prominent sculpted surfaces and dramatically flared front and rear wings reflect strength, while an aerodynamic profile, large wheels pushed to the corners and a bold front fascia create the agile stance.

Takumi (Japanese for “artisan”) Lexus designers have created the UX cabin to evoke the feeling of a dynamic, luxury sedan, but with the higher seating position and versatility desired in a crossover. The materials and workmanship are pure Lexus, combining Japanese traditions in craftsmanship and hospitality with innovative production techniques.

Inspired by a traditional Japanese concept that blurs the boundary between a home’s exterior and interior, designers created a feeling of seamless continuity inside the UX. From the driver’s seat, the upper section of the instrument panel appears to extend out beyond the windshield into the wings. The result gives the driver an excellent field of vision and a clear sense of the vehicle’s dimensions and tyre placement. When viewed from outside the vehicle, the hood appears to connect directly to the instrument panel through the windshield.

Typical of Lexus, the UX offers a quiet driving experience, thanks to the high-strength structure and optimal placement of specially designed sound- absorbing and insulating materials throughout the body. Also in distinctive Lexus fashion, engineers traced noises to their sources to keep them out of the cabin and ensure a seamless, noise free experience.

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