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The Passionate Rally Driver – Carina Abdul Rahman

Passion  has no boundary walls, so as it does not have any  limits.  Meet, Carina Abdul Rahman, who is an interior designer by profession.   GAZ got a chance to meet and explore this energetic rally driver, who also happened to be a prominent horse riding instructor.

“I made my own identity as an interior designer and an instructor in horse riding, and I am also proud to share that I am one among lady rally driver from Middle year” , Carina told to GAZ, who belives that her father, who is also  a rally driver , Mr. Abdul Rahman Ghulum is the sole reason and inspiration for what she has achieved till date.


Carina Abdul Rahman has been participating in Rallies since 2006 and continuing ever since.  Speaking about her favorite car, this industrious rally driver commented that she like Mitsubishi Evos on track and while on road, her best –loved car is Jaguar.

“My dream is to learn and know more about the technical side of automobile.   I also would like to enhance and enrich the possibility of my Garage, which was initially a place to look after my dad’s cars. Now, I am trying to accept other cars too”, Carina, who said to GAZ, who also like to promote safe driving to the upcoming rally drivers.

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