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Motoring news

Read about the latest releases and updates around the world, the hottest modifications and motoring news first in GAZ. Local and regional motoring news and events are also featured, courtesy of our correspondents not to mention the latest results in local motorsport races.

Car reviews

Entertaining car reviews on the latest models to hit our shores, be it supercar exotica or your everyday passenger car. In depth analysis, and informative content that is easy to comprehend make our test drive results the best reference when purchasing a car.

For the Ladies

With more and more ladies turning their attention to the world of motoring, it is only fitting that GAZ takes the lead in capturing the attention of women who are playing an ever increasing role in influencing the motoring industry. With our female expert writer contributing with her “What She Says” opinions of our test driven vehicles, ladies can always relate to our reviews on cars.

Opinions& Interactivity

GAZ understand that it has a diverse readership base, and the editorial team who are well versed in the world of motoring always ensure that the magazine readers relate to its stories and features. Opinions are always put forward in our features, and we encourage debate and dialogue. Readers’ opinions are equally important and GAZ welcomes their input by writing to the editors and participating in the magazine’s competitions to encourage interactivity.

Technical Insight

Motoring is a complex and technical industry. And to cope with the influx of advances and better understand how their vehicles function, GAZ provides in depth technical insight on all aspects of the vehicle. Readers stand to benefit from such features to help them in selecting products for their vehicles.

Car Care & Modification

Purchasing a vehicle is just the beginning, there is a whole supporting industry with various means, methods, techniques, technologies and products to maintain and modify a vehicle. GAZ seeks to provide step-by-step guides and tips to our readers on the best, coolest and most practical methods to modify and maintain their vehicles. GAZ is always keen to support local providers and suppliers and introduces their readers to what is available in the Kingdom.

4 wheels, 2 wheels, On Road, Off Road, On Water

GAZ blesses our readers with quality editorial content that covers most automotive productsavailable in the Kingdom, be it vehicles, motorbikes, road cars, off road vehicles and even jet skis and jet boats.


The newly launched GAZ website has been designed to be the first point of reference for all those seeking motoring information on the web throughout Bahrain. With the latest new and reviews and an archive of GAZ test driven vehicles, GAZ’s website is a library of information on everything anyone needs to know about cars. A year’s worth of the best photo shoots create a haven for the wallpaper addict, just a couple of clicks away. Special features, including uploading and commenting on videos, photos, voting boxes and chat forums complete the GAZ cyber experience. Viewers can even share their favorite pages on popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.


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