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Alfa Romeo plans Bahrain push with Stelvio, Guilia

The introduction of Guilia and Stelvio (Alfa Romeo’s maiden production SUV) into the Bahrain automobile market is expected to result in an aggressive push for the largely unknown Alfa Romeo brand into this geography. The launch of these two products with their different variants is expected to bring visibility and familiarity of the marque — the key to the Romeo marketing strategy in Bahrain. Gulf Auto Zone (GAZ) takes a peek at the brands and their entry pricing in Bahrain.

Alfa Romeo, hitherto largely unknown to Bahrain, looks to the upper crust of this market, as is evident from the pricing of the products. The Guilia is expected to start the sale at BD17,000 (off road) and its high-end version, the Quadrifoglio will be priced at BD40,000. Similarly, the Stelvio would be priced at about BD21.500 and its high end the Stelvio QB will begin at BD23,500.

At the time of writing Behbehani was not sure of the specs. GAZ learns from the website that the Guilia is available in seven color variants — Rossa Red, Black, Monte Carlo Blue Metallic, Vesuvius Grey metallic, Stromboli grey, Monza Red Metallic and Vulcan Black metallic. Another striking feature is the Harman Kardon 14 speaker infotainment system and the 17 inch 10-spoke and 18-inch bright aluminum turbine or dark aluminum turbine wheels.
Up to 60 percent of the torque is transferred to the front axle due to the Q4 all-wheel-drive system. The result is enhanced all-season traction and performance capability.

At the heart is a two-liter turbocharged four-cylinder aluminum engine.

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