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All New Ford Ranger – 2015

We were nearing the dilemma of finding a place to test drive this pick up.  We tried so many places and road.  But, everything seems to be small and not ranked for this pick up.  Then we decided to go to Sakhir.  We drove along the smooth roads on the highway, and we also drove to the roughest terrains we could get in the Kingdom.  You guys, will be thinking as to what we are talking- yes we are talking about the all new revamped Ford Ranger Pick up. With its appearance, it gives the impact of safety and adventure.  Just a quick go through to the vehicle.  The exterior has been totally vamped up with light weight materials and more adjustable to the aerodynamics. Horizontally placed strips with a chrome set mask add value and look to the front along with the newly designed and fitted headlights for better vision.

Let’s deal this with more accurately.  The interiors are furnished and equipped with all the necessary features for your safety and assistance.  The seats are made more comfortable with additional option of leather seats.  Even well adapted to the roughness through terrains, a fair sound proof methodology has been adapted by the all new Ford Ranger, adding to the perfection of a perfect sound insulation. Everything inside is quite spacious with a bigger and more stylish centre console resulting in more spacious compared to the previous versions.

The interior is quite roomy and very comfy considering it is a truck but the rear bench is a major issue when it comes to double cabs but is quite comfortable for the Ranger and offers plentiful leg room. The driver and passenger seats are bucket shaped for comfort over long drives and are offered in manual adjustment. The dashboard has a durable plastic finish and fashioned in a modern classy design.

Adding to it is the usual controls and accessories which come in every base model variants, which may be upgraded according to the size of our wallet.

Pretty sure as a matter of fact is that, no one will be disappointed while opening the bonnet, the 2015 Ford Ranger it is expected reliability and energy that can provide a good engine. 2.5 liter 4 cylinder petrol engines comes with a 5-speed manual transmission only while the diesel options are fitted with direct injections and are available in automatic and manual transmissions which depend on the model. The new Ranger will be manufactured with three operating modes. The 4 x 4 & 4 x 2 and Wildtrak. In the package is a 6-speed automatic or manual transmission.

Aiming customer satisfaction, this American hulk always creates a benchmark in solutions making to the automotive problems.  The all new Ford Ranger 4X4 truck is the same, gaining its fame in all the countries, is made to do great things.  In addition to the changes in the engine, outfit and performance, the truck has improved a lot and has way to go, making it a standalone in the market competing with and self maintain as the best off road vehicle with a stylish look of an on roader.

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