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Arg’s Column: Behind the Grand Prix

Have your ever thought of a marshal when you enjoyed a Formula One. If not, be it for the last time. As a chief Scruitneer, I have gone through all the enjoyment whilst on pressure. For Bahrain, the calendar “April 2016” was a fun-filled and energetic month. But for us it was not a plain sail. Whilst, many of them were enjoying the entertainments at the vending area, we were practicing our moves and orders, which we practiced months ago.April, is the most important month in Bahrain’s Motorsport Calendar. Why? Bahrain Grand Prix.
While most people are walking around the entertainment area doing a fashion show, or sitting in the stands playing with their phones, we Marshals have already had a week of hard work. That’s just the marshals, as Chief Scrutineer, along with my Deputy and GAZ test Driver Osama Al Buflasa) our job started three months ago.
I guess you already know what I will be talking about this month. Marshals! No motorsport event in the Kingdom would be able to happen without them, and many people don’t even acknowledge they are there. In Bahrain alone, we have over 1200 VOLUNTEER marshals, many of whom have to take days out of their annual leave to volunteer their time for our events.
For example on F1 day, our marshals (fire rescue, recovery, logistics and medical included) are at the venue by 7.00am, and that is a later time because the race is a night event.
What is a Chief Scrutineer? I am the boss! Ok let’s be serious now, my job is responsible for checking the cars meet FIA safety requirements prior to the race (FIA provides the checklist for this). During the race there is one scrutineer per car, their job is to record every activity that is associated with the car, is logged, and time recorded for the FIA Technical Delegate.
Now that Bahrain F1 is over, we are being sent to Baku at the end of April for five days, to train their Marshals (Scrutineers) for their upcoming debut Formula One event on 17-19th July. This will be the first year that Baku will be hosting Formula One, and is run on the streets, from the old section to the new section. This is different to Bahrain’s event because we run the event on a purpose built track.
Check back next month to find out about my trip.

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