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It was an absolute joy and a privilege to one of the coolest guys in Bahrain last week none other than Jasim Mohamed Haji. He is the owner of one of my favourite bikes the BMW R1200GS Adventure. What I look for in a bike is very similar to what I look for in a car FUN.

The R1200 is a bike made for fun. I love to discover new places, it has a can do attitude and it feels indestructible. I wanted to learn more about this beast so I spoke to Jasim about his bike. He owns the 2015 model and has made various modifications to it. He ordered it fully loaded with accessories and he installed them all himself. This is what I really appreciate about motorbike riders. They know their machine inside and out and are so good at maintaining every little piece on their bikes.

Jasim never attends any motor shows as he isn’t interested in them. He has been riding bikes for 12 years since 2003. He started to become interested in motorbikes because of his friend Adel Mansory. He convinced him to give it a try and he hasn’t looked back since.

Jasim told me that he appreciates it when cars respect bikes. He wants to make his next purchase the immaculate and luxurious Honda Goldwing. Jasim is an active rider and he is a road captain and now Vice President of Bahrain Motorcycle Club. He is the captain of this large club and has a lot of very loyal members. Bahrain Motorcycle club has been around since 2004. He isn’t just a talented biker he was originally a Jet Ski rider and spent 8 years working as this.

I asked him what he loves most about his bikes and he told me that he spends a lot of time choosing the perfect bike for him.  He makes sure that his bike has high specs and an exceptional performance whilst driving. He believes safety is equally important and he also likes a fast bike that has great handling and powerful braking. He describes the feeling of being at one with his bike, like an extra part.

I loved Jasim’s enthusiasm and he is one of the most respected bike riders in Bahrain. You can interact with him on Facebook Jasim Haji and email him at [email protected]

Photography: Moh’d Alkhaja – At Al Areen Palace Hotel

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