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Caltex Delo® Engine Oil

AJM Kooheji Group & Chevron Introduce High Performance Caltex Delo® Engine Oil

“Providing superb protection in both high & low sulphur diesel fuel environments”  AJM Kooheji Group in association with Chevron today announced the launch of its latest premium diesel engine oil – Caltex Delo® 400 MGX SAE 15W-40.  The revolutionary formulation constitutes a higher specification, and is specially designed to meet the GCC and Middle East market requirements. This improved formulation will benefit both new and older diesel engines, thereby helping customers to utilize just one heavy duty engine oil that operates efficiently in both high and low- sulphur diesel fuel environments. Operating in the United Arab Emirates for more than 35 years, Chevron Al Khalij markets a wide range of Caltex-Delo branded lubricants across the region.

Leonard J. Badal Jr – Global Commercial Brands Manager, who is responsible for the Delo® brand and product line strategy for Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oils, Coolants, Greases, and Automotive Gear Oils within Caltex’s family of Lubricants, says, “Given the fact that the GCC and Middle East region has a mix of low and high sulphur diesel fuel ranges – anywhere from 15 to 5000ppm – we felt the need to  introduce a new Delo 400 product to perform across these wide ranges without having to switch to a different diesel engine oil depending on what fuel they are using.

The launch of the Caltex Delo® 400 MGX SAE 15W-40 demonstrates Chevron’s commitment to providing customers with innovative products that maximize performance and minimize operating costs, while keeping their diesel equipment running reliably.”

The Caltex Delo product range includes lubricants and coolants that provide premium protection, performance and bottom-line value for on- and off-road diesel-powered equipment. These products are found in all major industries such as commercial transportation, construction, mining, agriculture, and power generation.


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