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Comforting Luxury – Cadillac Escalade

Model                   Cadillac Escalade

Engine                  6.2L V-8 ENGINE

Max Power          420 hp @ 5600 rpm

Max Torque        460 lb-ft @ 4100 rpm

0-100                   5.8 sec

What can you say about the Cadillac Escalade that hasn’t been said before? Once THE car to be seen in owned by rappers from Eminem to P.Diddy. It crashed into popular culture in a huge way and moved Cadillac from the preserve of older drivers to a new youth market. It was the car we had to drive because it was everywhere from rap videos to your favourite footballers garage but what of the 2016 Premium. Can it improve from the legend?

The first thing to remark on is the size of it. It is huge and you are high up you feel like the king in his castle. And it is a very safe castle. This beauty has air bags in every row of seating and uses ultra-high strength steel alloys. Hugely important for the protection of the King’s princes and princesses. The major changes occurred to the 2015 model so this time it is just tweaks. The biggest change is to the CUE Infotainment interface. It has now become even more user friendly and includes greater connectivity. This is all topped off by some rather amazing Bose premium speakers which contain the noise cancelling acoustics meaning you can go from serenity to Hip Hop superstar in the touch of a button.

The power from that beast of an engine is still there. The V8 powers away and it feels like it will never stop. Listen to the roar with your windows down because inside it is oh so quiet. That 6.2 litre engine doesn’t disappoint. It kicks out a monumental 420 horsepower at 4600 rpm and you can feel every one of them.

I adore how the Cadillac Escalade looks. I love the long face of it and it looks almost like a thoroughbred horse. The interior is sensational. The smell of that leather is very impressive. The contrast between the hand stitched leather and the real wood makes it feel more homely than other cars. You can tell that someone has taken time out to think about the interior and it was not a second thought. There are little touches that as a renowned gadget freak always blow me away. On the Cadillac Escalade Premium it was the automatic opening glove compartment. At first I didn’t think I could find a rear window windscreen wiper which as regular readers will know is one of my pet hates about cars in the Gulf. It does get dusty here and vision is a beautiful thing. On the Escalade it is hidden out of view another great idea.

I really can’t fault this ride. It has everything I want in a luxury SUV power, poise and performance. Throw in some elegance and a lot of class and you have one of my favourite SUVs on the market. It is absolutely more HIP than hop and it will fill your screens soon enough.

Photography: Moh’d Alkhaja

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