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Just recently it feels like every car that I have tested is a SUV. I guess they really are the car of choice in the Gulf at the moment. We just can’t get enough of them. Can the Lexus Nx 200T add anything new to this increasingly crowded market?

At first glance it looks very spectacular. It really has blurred the boundaries between sedan and SUV without feeling like just another crossover. It is definitely a mid-size SUV. Lexus have not downsized at all and it feels like a SUV especially from the inside. It stands out from a crowd and as I said in an ever crowded market this is a very unique attribute. There are so many choices in the range and now every manufacturer has one. It is more chiselled and refined and it is a bold and brash SUV. You are going to see it coming down the road. I really like the look of this SUV and it has an attitude.

Chatting to friends about the car they moaned at the lack of power in the engine and after testing some real beasts it felt strange driving a two litre engine. It has been turbocharged so it isn’t exactly sedate. It kicks out 238 hp and the electronically controlled all wheel drive give you a very comfortable driving experience.

One of my favourite features of the interior is that it only responds climatically to the people in the car so instead of messing around with your dual air conditioning this senses who is in the car and where the cooling needs to be. Believe me it saved a lot of messing around especially in this ridiculously hot weather we are having this summer and the air conditioning is very powerful. The leather seats are really comfortable and feel designed for your body. The interior is excellent and contrasts classic Lexus feel with modern technology something that it hasn’t always been on top of. I personally loved the wireless phone charging which for someone like me that is always on the phone and never has a charger was amazing.

One of the things I really like about this SUV is the space. I did not feel cramped and it could easily fit five adults or a family. One of my biggest issues with design of cars and SUV’s these days is that you have a huge boot. Why do we need such a huge boot? Why do I want to spend my days cramped up in my car with my kids kicking my seat every ten seconds just so my suitcase or my shopping has space? The Lexus bucks this trend and has an extremely spacious cabin and still a quite roomy boot.

I really enjoyed driving the Lexus but it is such a crowded market place and yes it does look good and I love the interior but is that enough. I’ll let you decide.


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