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F1: Taking F1 to the masses is the challenge: Ross Brawn

Ross James Brawn OBE is the Formula One Managing Director of Motorsports. He is also a former motorsport engineer and a former Formula One team principal. having worked for a number of teams. He became the Managing Director of Formula One Motorsport Group. In Bahrain at the 13th (2017) Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix, he spoke to the Gulf Auto Zone.

Brawn, asked on what perception he had on the sport itself and his vision for the sport going forward, replied: It is important to take the sport of Formula One racing to the masses. “We plan to use the social media in a major way to the most common people.”

“I would like to look at the Bahrain circuit as one that is full of challenges. The heat, the atmosphere and the winds play a huge role. It is a rare combination to see. The cars are often under stress to perform and I would say this is a challenge worth taking

Looking into the reach of the sport of Formula One, he said, has remained in the domain of a certain class of people only. The advent of internet and the strength it gives to the sport can surely be used to benefit the sport by expanding its reach. The potentials on offer in the sport expanding are huge. In the past it was Television.

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