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Ford – Edgy Attitude

I’ve always been a big fan of Ford they are reliable and have such a long history and they have the ability to constantly improve and are always at the forefront of change in the industry. They’ve had to fight against emerging markets but always remain at the top. Also, they are quite cheap in relation to other carmakers which appeals to my Northern English roots.

I took the 2016 Ford Edge out for a spin and I wasn’t disappointed. Now as I always want to tell the truth I will give you a full disclosure I was a huge fan of the last Ford Edge Sport it was one of my favourite cars and a real game changer in my opinion. Crossovers became more exciting and lively.

The Ford Edge comes in SE, SEL, the rather excitingly named Titanium and the Sport. Engine size ranges from 2.0 to a V6 2.7 in the Sport edition. You can also upgrade and get a meaty 3.5L V6 engine. I was impressed with the colour of it. My drive was Bronze fire metallic tinted clear coat. It looked beautiful and original.

Inside I was impressed with the space. It is definitely not a Small UV. There’s lots of room to spread out. It’s very similar interiorly to other Fords but that is not a bad thing. The most crucial upgrade in my opinion is the sound. It is the most peaceful ride ever. I love nothing more than my noise cancelling headphones believe me it filters out a lot of noise and this car is the same. I absolutely love this.

It is a good ride and the Sport is a considerable upgrade from their last version. It attacks corners and feels just as comfortable on short and long trips. You really can’t fault the handling at all.  The Edge has attempted to solve one of driving’s great dilemmas automatic or manual? Personally I am a huge manual fan as this is driving and not a PS4 game but I am also lazy and being stuck in beautiful Bahrain’s rush hour traffic constantly having to change from 1st into 2nd and back again a thousand times to travel 200m is a real pain.  The Edge has both, it has a fantastic 6-speed automatic transmission but it also has paddles for those that think they are Lewis Hamilton on the highway.

I thought the old Ford Edge looked good but the 2016 version is a big improvement. From the space to the performance it is finding a place in the market as a lively and fun SUV. It doesn’t lack anything and it compares well to its rivals especially the Titanium and Sport edition. I think the only issue I heard chatting to my squad was it’s a Ford and not an Audi or a BMW. These people are daft, try it yourself and tell me what you think, you won’t be disappointed and you’ll save yourself some cash.

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