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 Mustang GT.

Continuing a long tradition of wonderful adaptations of video games into movies, which are never, of course, soul-crushingly awful wastes of the human spirit, the Need for Speed racing game franchise has a movie coming out soon, and it’ll star a Mustang.

Not just any Mustang — a specially-customized- Mustang that from the outside doesn’t look to radically different than many other custom Mustangs we’ve seen, but has something to say.

GAZ featuring customized Mustang GT but CobraSVT , owned by Mr. Rashid Alrumithi, mechanic , drag racer. He did all modifications in his own garage named “Alrumiti”. It takes more than one year to complete all the modifications and spent around 6000BD on it.

Modification List

Upgrade dashboard to 2004 cobra SVT.

Throttle body change to bigger accu five brand .

Upgrade to Cobra SVT body kit.

Spark axle coils

Spark clutch kit

Aluminium fly wheel

Upgrade engine to Cobra 2004(supercharged)

Bassani exhaust system.

Fluidyne Supercharger Intercoolers.

Upgrade break system to cobraSVT

Independent Rear Suspension.

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