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There are lots of Mini Coopers out there and a mind boggling selection of late Rover models bearing the Cooper name.

The final 10 years of Mini production had more development cash spent than the previous two decades. Changes in bodyshell allowed Rover and then BMW to keep the car compliant with the latest legislation changes, and offer a little bit more in the way of luxury appointments. Here GAZ check out the Rover Mini Cooper sports, 2000 year model owned by Mr. Mohammed Showaiter .

Inside, the model shares the original’s remarkable packaging and cramped driving position, but it was much less adventurous mechanically. As with the standard car, it featured a carburettor-fed 1,275cc engine that developed a modest 61bhp – later examples boasted fuel injection and a 2bhp power boost.

On the road, performance is limited with the dash from 0-60mph taking a leisurely 11.5 seconds, culminating in a top speed of just over 90mph. But what the Cooper lacks in pure muscle, it makes up for in driving fun.

The unassisted steering is direct and full of feedback, while the wheel-at-each-corner stance gives incredible agility. As with all Minis, the Cooper has a firm ride, bouncing energetically even on smooth surfaces. You’re also treated to the familiar whine from the four-speed gearbox and a tuneful exhaust note. But like the 1990 model, it retained the same lovable character that made the 1961 original such a hit.

As a conclusion I can say this has been the most enjoyable car to drive among the series. Holds the road like a go kart and sounds amazing. Turns head wherever you go and receives friendly comments daily.


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