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HARD & TOUGH – Suzuki Hayabusa 08

Beauty has always been in the eye of the beholder. For street riders, the Hayabusa has always been a hit. Throughout the past decade, the heavy-hitting Hayabusa has evolved from a quirky-looking beast that wasn’t exactly embraced by the masses into one of the most identifiable and seminal motorcycles ever created. During its reign as the super streetbike of choice, the Hayabusa has become a staple in Suzuki’s sportbike line-up, with over 10,000 new units sold in 2006 alone. That ever popularity may explain why it has been so long since the bike received any significant updates until now. There’s no doubt in my mind that an experienced rider can have a great time with the Busa at a trackday and experience this bike at full tilt boogie. It truly is something to behold.

This month we introduce Mr. Mohammed A Redha (Silver) with his ‘BUSA’, lets check with him about his ride.

Name: Mohammed A. Redha

Biker name: silver

Age 24

Instagram : fjboy121

Proudly a member of Victory Bikers Bahrain

Can u tell us about your bike?

Its Suzuki Hayabusa 08 ,

I bought it one year back.

What inspired you to start riding bikes?

it was my plan when i was a child to be a biker.

When did u get into biking?

When i was 16 years old.

Which are the other bikes that have u previously owned?

Suzuki GSX-R 04 Full bolt ones

Turbo Suzuki GSX-R 04

What are the modifications done to the bike?

M4 Full exhaust system

Puig clear double bubble screen

Lowering kit front & rear

Piper cross air filter

Custom tank pad

Tank side sticker grip

Michelin pilot 2CT tires

Steering balancer

Custom break & clutch levers

Extension kit

Custom red chain

How often do u ride the bike?

it depends on weather situation.

Have u taken part in any ride or bike show?

No,, But I am planning to do it .

What r your future plans? Are there any more modifications in the offing? 

Planning to jump to Turbo Mode.

What make u choose Hayabusa?

With all due respect to the people’s point of view its the best motorbike ever.

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