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Some women act just like they look. Some are conservative, some are flirty, some are stupid and some are absolutely crazy. Cars are the same. The Stingray drives just how it looks. It’s a lot of fun and also quite flirty.

You just take one look at it and you know exactly the type of ride you are going to get. It looks beautiful. You feel like you are in the game GTA driving along with the top down. It is seriously sexy. It took me a lot longer to get into this car not because I’ve been eating too many post-Ramadan Malgooms, because it just looks too beautiful. You can’t stop staring at it. Those four exhausts at the back. It truly is a work of art. Once my tongue returned into my mouth and my mouth closed and the drool dried up I got into the car.

I thought the interior was good but once you sit inside you do not want to get out. Some cars look better on the inside than they do on the outside and for some the reverse is true. This car is just as stunning from the inside as it is from the outside. Why have one 8” LED screen when you can have two? One pro tip don’t go from your HTC Vive to this car like I did. I was starting to confuse reality with Virtual Reality. You can even choose the colour of your seat and it’s not black or white or cloth or leather. It’s a real choice of colours. The interior is a real clash of luxury with sleek sporty lines. It’s a beautiful and effective mix.

The engine is as you would expect is ultra-powerful. It is a 6.2 litre V8 kicking out 650Hp. It can go from 0-100km/ph in a jaw droppingly fast 3.8 seconds. That will make any journey interesting. Good luck to anybody wanting to race you from any set of traffic lights. The Stingray is so light it feels like an anorexic. It is unbelievably 45 kilograms less than its predecessor creating an unsurpassed driving experience. It’s fast and light. I drove the 8 speed paddle shift that made me feel more like a F1 driver.

It is as much fun as it looks to drive. I think a few years ago cars stopped being built for fun and it was all about safety and saving the planet with hybrid engines. That’s not to say that this car isn’t safe. It has some of the best lights I have ever experienced and the aluminium frame is safer than the previous steel frame. The Stingray has ripped up that convention and they have built a car that is a boy racer’s wet dream. It is fun, fast and flirtatious. It’s a car you want to take down to the track and fulfil all those fast driving fantasies that you have. The 2016 Corvette Stingray is the total package.


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