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Interview with Mr. Lawrence Jaguar Service Manager


How did you begin your career in the automotive world?

I left University in 1995 and wanted to work in a main dealer. My first job was as an Office Junior at my local Ford Dealer. From my first day at work, I fell in love with the industry.

 Tell us about your career as service manager. How did you break into the field? How did your career unfold to allow you to advance to where you are today?

I told my Manager that I wanted his job on my first day at work. I was very young and a little naïve and ambitious.

I have been very fortunate and worked for some wonderful and truly inspiring and visionary people in my career. I spent most of my career with Ford Retail, and I have been fortunate to see the transformation of the company from its infancy to a mature industry leading organization.

I have wanted to work in the Middle East since I first visited family and friends here 7 years ago. I’m truly blessed to now be working for such a great brand and company in Bahrain.

What do you enjoy most about your career?

This is a business that is all about people. You have to be a people’s person to lead your team.

Tell us about your association and experience with Jaguar ? 

I visited the Jaguar factories a number of times in my career with Ford, and was truly taken aback at the skill level and craftsmanship at the factories in the UK.

 What is the after sale services offering by Jaguar Bahrain?

 We offer our customers what I believe to be the best customer service in Bahrain. We are big enough to cope, and small enough to care…and that is our secret.

 We have restructured and reorganized our business and re-trained our staff  so that we can now offer the same customer experience that you would expect in London, Tokyo or New York; same day service, collection and delivery.

 However, these are simply service offerings. The real change has been the culture of the company – to serve and look after its customers – truly customer focused

 We are also looking at some very special services which some large dealers in Europe and the United States of America are trialing at the moment.

How can you differentiate Jaguar after sales service to others?

 We are totally committed to our customers and delivering world class service and I said earlier, I believe we are offering the best service in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

 What unique challenges and rewards come from working in the automotive field?

Sometimes there simply isn’t enough hours in the day, and it can be difficult to switch off when you get home. The reward of delighting customers, and people taking the time to write to you, or simply popping in to say thank you, outweighs all the challenges.

 Who are the biggest inspirations for your career?

My old CEO at Ford is one of the biggest visionaries in the industry and it was an honour and privilege to have worked for him for more than 10 years.

 What do you consider your greatest success?

Some of my biggest successes have come here in Bahrain. We have truly engaged, capable and proud team members here. Since restructuring and reorganizing the business, there have been some truly remarkable changes in results. All of which have been achieved with the same people and that makes me very proud


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