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Interview with Omran Ghani A. Ghani. 

Leading the market in the used cars sector, Behbehani Brothers W.L.L is currently selling over sixty pr-owned cars in the market. GAZ got an insight into their unmistakable success  in this  tell all interview with Behbehani Used Cars Sales Manager, Omran Ghani A. Ghani. 

How did you begin your career in the automotive field?

I was working in the property sector when the market crisis hit, back in 2007.I was looking for a suitable opportunity and by luck got an offer in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia where I began working in the used car sector.

 How did your career unfold allowing you to get to the point where you are now?

I have worked in numerous sectors and even worked behind the kitchen but it was when I began working in the automotive sector that I felt the happiest. I believe I am currently in the right place and find this sector to be the most rewarding in every way.

 How has the used car market in the Kingdom grown over the years?

The market has grown considerably with each year since its initiation in Bahrain. Years ago, there used to be an open market in Manama where traders would deal in used cars. With the growth of the market, the new car dealerships considered opening showrooms for these cars. It was then that Behbehani opened a separate unit called the ‘Used Cars Centre’ and other dealers followed suit.

 So Behbehani initiated the official dealing of used cars in Bahrain?

Yes, Behbehani did initiate the market and is leading t date as other showrooms do not trade cars of any brand while we do.  Most dealerships only accept cars which are of their own brand.

 With the constant change in the market, how do you remain innovative and attract customers?

We have our website and are very active across social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram.

What is the market share of Behbehani in the used car sector?

I believe we are currently leading in the market since our dealership sells the most used cars on a monthly basis when compared to other dealerships. The market is vast and includes both, used car showrooms and dealerships. Here is no data to record the exact market share but we sell over sixty cars of various brands every month.

How has the number of used cars sold per month grown over the past ten years?

Since there wasn’t a proper centre 10 years ago, people would sell an average of ten cars a month as sales were mainly though word of mouth.

Who would you consider your direct competition?

There aren’t any showrooms which we consider direct competitors but if I had to name any I would say the used car showrooms, Al Bander Showroom and Elegant Cars. We have an edge over some of them since 95 percent of our cars are owned by us rather than the customer.We rarely consign a car for a customers as our supply comes though trade-in.

What are the main challenges you face in the market? 

Unlike a dealership showroom which deals in its own brand, a dealerships used car showroom does not have a direct supply. We can’t just order 100 cars so we have a  supply constraint. Seventy percent of our supply are trade in cars.

 What are the preparations which a used car goes through before sale?

There are three main steps which the car goes through before we sell it namely mechanical work, body work and interiors. When a car comes in we inspect it, send it for repair if required and polish it before given it the final touch.  We believe in repeat customers and do our best to keep everything up to standard so we do not sell unsatisfactory cars to customers.

What is the limit for the age of a car which you deal in?

We do not have a cut off when it comes to the age of a pre-owned car but do not accept any cars which have previously been in a major accident or have been repaired following it being cancelled. This is to ensure quality control and the safety of our customers.

Since we deal in used cars we encourage customers to completely check the cars before purchasing them. We advise them to take the cars for a computer test and test drive them as well.

Do you have finance options available to your customers?

We do not give our customers direct finance but help them get finance through various banks.

What would you consider a margin of success for Behbehani?

Our reputation is such that some of the other dealers approach us to evaluate the pre-owned cars which they are dealing in. We would consider that a clear mark of success.

What are Behbehani’s plans over the coming years?

We may open another showroom and sort the cars according to age in each showroom.

What do you enjoy most about our job?

Definitely cars.  Out of all the sectors I have worked in, this sector is my favourite since I have a personal interest in it. We see different cars and drive different cars then get to talk to customers all about them every single day.


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