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July’s Editor Note

Intensity of the Gulf summer increases and the outward journey begins. The time is, when most sectors go into a lull. This is time most industries in the GCC ready with their maintenance for the winter when the market awakens again. When this market awakens again one will see the Borgward, the German-Chinese car enter this market. Borgward enters the Gulf market with a strategy to carve a niche for itself. As car manufacturer entering the market after a 50-year hiatus and the agency, an entity with a similar reputation, there is a strong synergy. In the two -wheeler sector is the Yamaha R1M, also in its effort to capture the hearts of the young and speedy with high adrenaline pumping.. Dubbed a track and performance motorcycle, the brand aims at capturing the roads of this region. On the waterfront is the arrival of the Yamaha three-seater jet-ski the Yamaha. GAZman looks at the evil that is tailgating and how to remove this irritant very amicably. It takes hardly any time to let the less patient pass, but in effect it helps prevent an accident. In addition to these are the Hyundai Kona, the Cadillac CTS and many others entering the market for the connoisseurs and the novo-riche to look at and make their buy. In the autosport is Force India changing name, Renault ironing out the electronics issue and bringing its new engine, Mercedes doing away with the headrest issue and a lot more. The issue is filled with much to read. We wait to hear from you our reader. Shoot Out you views on contact form Every page in our magazine is a dedication to the entire automobile aficionados all around and for sure you can feel it when you flip through. We as a team have tried our best to strive hard and touch perfection. But, the driving force is always the opinion and genuine criticism from you our readers. So, please give us your feedback on our style of presentation through the contact form. Enjoy and experience the ride, lets move together. Cheers!


Ebrahim Al Khaja

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