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May’s Editor Note

The spectacular conduct of the Bahrain Formula One and its festivities have just disappeared around the corner and the nation gets ready for the Holy Fasting month of Ramadan and the intense desert summer. The race as it unfolded, along with what the bosses responsible for this great festival think form the key to this edition of the Gulf Auto Zone.We share with our readers the thrills that followed this great festive occasion through the photographs section. In addition, we look at the driving pleasure in the Audi Q2, which should captivate the heart of the young in Bahrain. The all new refined Lincoln MKZ in all its luxury and trim should surely catch the eye of the upwardly mobile looking for the ultimate in luxury. The sporty quicky Infinity Q60, in its Red hue which was tested in the UAE desert condition, is another star attraction. The edition looks at what makes driving a pleasure with the GAZMAN. It sets the difference between a country bumpkin and a gentleman. The tools so necessary in any driver’s life, to help wade through emergencies at all times form the GAZTECH. A storable commodity, it is also in the electronic edition. In addition, the launch of the new Land Rover Discovery, which performed a few obstacle climbs, the Chery known for its agility in China and is often the middle class buyers favourite in Bahrain, along with the MECOTY winners sure make this issue a delight. While Audi walked away with a storm, Bentley stole the limelight for being a topper in SUVs and so did the others who cannot all be here for want of space. GAZ looks to its readers, however, to share your joys and grievances with buying new cars, the services received when approaching insurance agents, garages and other ancillary industry of the automobile world. Every page in our magazine is a dedication to the entire automobile aficionados all around and for sure you can feel it when you flip through. We as a team have tried our best to strive hard and touch perfection. But, the driving force is always the opinion and genuine criticism from you our readers. So, please give us your feedback on our style of presentation here. Enjoy and experience the ride, lets move together. Cheers!

Ebrahim Al Khaja

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