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Al Haddad Motors Mercedes-Benz held a press event at their showroom to officially unveil the newest model in the E-Class collection. Press members, influencers and valued customers were invited to witness the launch of this incredible vehicle and learn about its most renowned qualities. The event was held on Sunday, June 19th at 9 PM at Al Haddad Motors located in Isa Town. The team at Al Haddad Motors was breaming with pride as they launched the car of the future to the Bahraini market.

The 2017 E-200 vehicle is often called the Masterpiece of Intelligence as it is the most intelligent executive sedan. The all-new E-Class marks the world premiere of numerous technical innovations that enable comfortable, safe driving on a new level and play a new dimension in driver assistance. The vehicle’s stunning aesthetic appeal offers exceptional exterior design, matched only by its exclusive interior style and high quality workmanship. New, intelligent assistance and safety systems see Mercedes-Benz taking another step closer to its goal of accident-free and autonomous driving. Highlights of the optional Driving Assistance package include DRIVE PILOT, PRE-SAFE, Active Brake Assist and Active Blind Spot Assist. The interior design of the vehicle embodies the synthesis of both emotion and wit, which is complimented by high-quality materials that yield its astonishing ergonomic structural form. All models are equipped as standard nine-speed automatic transmission.

The suspension on the all-new E-Class, with three options of selective damping, offers agile driving pleasure and the highest level of ride comfort in this segment. It’s no wonder that this car has been called one of the world’s most intelligent.

“The all-new Mercedes-Benz E-Class sets a whole new standard for executive sedans,” says Graeme Newport, General Manager of Al Haddad Motors. “The E-200 has it all. It is sporty yet comfortable, stunning on both the inside and the outside, and presents an even safer system that takes us even closer to accident-free driving. Above all, the new E-Class model gives us the future just a little bit sooner.”

To learn more about the all-new E-200, call us on +973 17785454 or visit our showroom!


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