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Probably what inspires most people to customize their Harley-Davidson motorcycle is what prompted them to purchase their ride to begin with: individuality. Over the years there have been hundreds of Harley-Davidson models and variations, but if you are going to speak Harley- ese, there are certain model names in the current lineup that you need to be able to recognize. Here we are going to feature such a wonderful bike with extraordinary customization, the 2007 HD V-Rod. This Bike is famous for the design and sound, but some bikers prefer to build their own. Here we introduce such a biker, Mr. Sajjad Koohzad, and his HD V-Rod. Let’s check it out…

Customization is a large subject. It could entail something as simple as repainting your gas tank or adding a backrest – or something as involved as building a complete motorcycle from the ground up. Most riders’ goals lie somewhere in between. In some respects, customization is a practical choice. For example, fit. If you would like your vehicle to fit you better in order to have more control both on the highway and in town, you can change your handlebars so your reach is more comfortable. Another reason for customization is function. Would like your ride to have room for your personal items like tools, shopping articles, or overnight gear? Choose from traditional leather saddle bags or tool bags, or mount fiberglass storage units on the sides of your vehicle. A third obvious reason to customize is style. To improve the look of your vehicle, you might choose to add chrome, improve the paint, and/or upgrade your wheels and tires. The choices in these categories are endless. You can chrome nearly all of your vehicle’s components, including the belt (or chain) drive cover, oil filler cap, mirrors, and air cleaner cover. You can have your fenders and gas tank custom painted, choosing from a myriad of designs, colors, and finishes. For wheel selection, you have spoken, alloy, or solid in a universe of designs and fashions: chrome, black, brushed steel, color, and others. Electronic accessories are another area of customization. These include GPS systems, intercoms, sound systems, and of course lighting.

Modification List

  • Special graphic body painting
  • Customized fiber glass
  • Customized handle bar made of steel
  • Custom made fuel tank cover made from fiber
  • Back seat made my fiber
  • Customized front forks
  • Customized headlights
  • Customized back arm
  • Front brake disk customized
  • Custom made engine cover
  • Lazer cover cooling
  • Exhaust , customized Porsche GT
  • Customized brake and clutch line
  • Backlight ( specially customized boat light)
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