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Motorsport fans enjoyed drag & Burnout action at BIC

Bahrain International Circuit (BIC), “The Home of Motorsport in the Middle East”, has witness another exciting edition of the E K Kanoo Drag and Drift Night Sakhir.

Sponsored by Ebrahim K Kanoo and powered by Motor City, E K Kanoo Drag and Drift Night calls on drag racing and drifting enthusiasts alike to take their very own cars or motorbikes and push them to their limit in a safe and controlled environment at BIC.

BIC’s world-class quarter-mile drag strip, which is a member of the prestigious National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) Worldwide Network, play hosted  Monday’s drag racing. For the drifting, a special course along BIC’s car park will stage all the action.

Safety standards of the highest level are followed at all times during the evening’s events for both drivers and spectators alike.

Both of Monday’s activities been enjoyed for a single fee of BD10. Participation in just the drag racing or just the drifting costs BD7.

Also as part of the drag racing programme, BIC offer the immensely popular Dragster Xperience to all those in attendance.

This is one of the circuit’s most unique and ultimate-adrenaline activities, as it gives participants a taste of pure speed as they are taken from zero to 100kph in just one second while seated in a Top Dragster. The Dragster Xperience costs BD40 per person.

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