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My Rules

When it comes to customizing your Harley Davidson motorcycle, your options are endless!  A huge aftermarket exists for supplying parts and accessories for your Harley that will help give your bike a look that’s truly unique and one that truly suits your personality. And that’s really what customizing your Harley Davidson motorcycle is all about – Individuality.


This month we introduce a buddy who is really expert in customization and owned one, Mr. Nader Taheri, owner of Nader Motorcycles, with the help of a couple of friends, built this one-off custom. Let’s check with him about his customized HD Electra Glide features.

Let’s start off with your name, age, nationality and bike details?

Nader Taheri, 31 years old, Bahraini, bike is: 2010 Harley Davidson Electra Glide


When did you get into biking?


In my school days its self, I am very passionate about bike riding .Fortunately or unfortunately I was very busy with my academics and had no time to spend with two wheelers. Seven years back I started riding the bikes. That time onwards I am a big fan of HD.


Is this your first bike? If not, what other bikes have you owned in the past?

No , this is my 2nd bike, my 1st bike was a Sports Bike.


What is so exceptional about these machines?


To me they are much more than just machines, Harley became a life style to Harley enthusiasts, I am sure; you can’t find a bike like this in Bahrain. I spent more than 17000BD for making my bike like this. All most all the parts are imported from USA. HD paint is one of the most attractive parts and chromed out, leather seats, Custom rear fender are other attractions.



From where, you get this idea about customization?

Once you own a Harley, you will always work on making your bike different than other bikes; each bike has some touches that reflect its owner’s personality and taste. So with this intention I decided to build a bike that appeals something different; and I believe I did it. I collect most of the details from the internet and off-course from my friends circle.

What are the modifications done to the bike? From where did you order the parts?

I wanted to change the rules of the customization game by customizing such a big bike like the Electra Glide, I had many ideas in my mind and I implemented it in this project in a very smart way, We did many changes on almost all the sheet metal (body parts), so almost every body part is a one off and unique piece.

The main thing that was done to the bike and gave it this eye catching look was the paint job, thanks to my painting team.

Below are some of the modifications done to the bike:

–         Performance machine torque cut/21-inch

–         Front Fender ( Fat Bageers Inc )

–         Custom rear fender ( Russ Wernimont Designs)

–         Custom foot controls( Arlen Ness Deep Cut )

–         Custom handlebar (monkey bar).

–         Custom license Mount.

–         Modified sound system.

–         Custom seat and bags liners.

–         Engine Dressing (Kuryakyn)

–         Chain Spoiler( Fat Bageers Inc)

–         Gas Tank (Paul Yaffe’s)

–         Highway Bar ( Fred Bageers Inc)

–         Custom exhaust system

–         Windscreen (H-D)

Most of the parts and accessories were ordered from the United States and some of them were from Europe.Paint job and body parts fabrications were done in my garage only (Nader motorcycle)


Do you have any more modifications in the offing?

No, the bike is fully custom built as per my teats and preference. I wish to keep it in that way.

How often do you ride the bike?

I am usually going out for a ride every weekend, especially if the weather is good.

Anything else you can say about this customized HD?

The bike came out this way as a result of a group work; therefore, I would like to thank my buddies at Nader Motorcycles, for all their help in letting this bike reaches this level.

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