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Nissan 370Z

The 2013 Nissan 370Z offers thrilling performance, precision handling and muscular styling .This has been the Z-car philosophy for decades, and as the car’s competitors have come and gone, the Z continues a fine tradition of providing driving fun at reasonable prices. No matter where you take your 370z, you are bound to leave a lasting impression. Plus you will see things in a different light yourself too.

Whatever angle it is viewed from, the styling of the 370z sends out a clear message. It’s as close to an old-school muscle car, brought bang-up-to-date, as you’re likely to get. We love the engine’s power and flexibility. We’ve even warmed to the automatic gearbox. And the convertible lets you enjoy a glorious soundtrack. And unlike old-school muscle cars, you won’t have to spend time and money keeping the car going – it is a Nissan after all. A thirsty Nissan…..

Both in its spirit and in its execution, the Nissan 370Z is very much a natural progression from the old, much-loved 350Z. Although its styling is more modern and arguably more striking than before, it clearly emanates from the same gene pool and has similar proportions to those of its predecessor. Similarly, the convertible is an evolution of the previous version, but with an updated look and more usable features.

The Z’s 328-horsepower V6 produces straight-line performance on par with V8-powered American muscle coupes like the Ford Mustang, while its smaller dimensions and superior handling help deliver an altogether more dynamic and involving driving experience. Stepping up to the Sport package not only brings along a limited-slip differential and upgraded brakes, but also the Z’s real ace in the hole for the sports car game as well. This would be the SynchroRev Match feature for the six-speed manual transmission, which automatically blips the throttle when downshifting to perfectly match engine and wheel speed. It’ll make you feel (and sound) like a professional race driver.

The 370Z is also notable for more than just its dynamic talents. Surprisingly, the interior is luxurious and the ride is comfortable, so long road trips are possible. The number of available features is also quite impressive, and there really isn’t that much separating a loaded 370Z Touring from the mechanically similar 2013 Infiniti G coupe and convertible besides their extra seats and trunk space. Only an abundance of road noise and dearth of rear visibility take away from what is a pleasantly livable sports car.


We’ve touched on some of the 370Z’s competitors, but none are truly the same in nature. The Z roadster lines up pretty well on paper with two-seat drop tops from Germany, but is much cheaper and sadly quite simply not as nice. The cars that perhaps come closest to the Z’s value sport coupe recipe are the all-new 2013 Scion FR-S and 2013 Subaru BRZ twins. They don’t offer anywhere near the same straight-line performance as the 370Z, but they are monumentally talented around corners.

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