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Nissan US embarks on breast milk shipping

Nissan North America offers a new breast milk shipping programme. The programme is expected to make life a little easier for breastfeeding mothers of Nissan who travel for work. The company covers all expenses of shipping.

The car maker uses the services of Milk Stork, the only breast milk shipping company in the US. It sends packing materials and a pharmaceutical-grade cooler ahead of time so supplies are available to the nursing mother when she arrives at her destination. The cooler contains an internal mechanism that, once activated, keeps its contents chilled for up to 72 hours. Once ready to ship, the employee simply drops the cooler off at the hotel front desk or any FedEx shipping location to be overnighted to the baby.

Michelle Baron, vice president, Human Resources, Nissan North America said that new mothers returning to work have an added stress of managing their work-life balance. The shipping programme allows Nissan to support mothers in this stage of life and alleviate some of their worries.

Kate Torgersen, founder and CEO of Milk Stork said that by providing the service to its employees, Nissan is not only supporting women during one of life's greatest transitions, but also acknowledging the professional accomplishments and contributions made by working mothers. Nissan Alliance of Parents (NAP), an employee-led resource group at Nissan North America, originally proposed the mother's milk shipping idea. The group helps parents, and caregivers, communicate, learn and improve the balance of career and family needs.

The Nissan Group employs about 22,500 people throughout the U.S. and Canada, including major operations in Arizona, California, Michigan, Mississippi, Tennessee, Texas and Ontario, Canada. Milk Stork was launched in August 2015 as the first-of-its-kind service for working moms who needed a simple solution for getting their breast milk to their babies back home. The company now has more than 100 corporate partners, who provide the service to their employees and hundreds more that consider it a reimbursable expense for moms.

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