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Observing Traffic Manners

The driving licence issued by the government is the legal permission to drive. But what differentiates between a driver and a gentleman driver? GAZ goes through some Dos and Don’ts that makes a difference between a country bumkin and a gentleman driver.

1. When rolling off the parking in the morning, ensure that the galley is not used by another driver. Should there be another driver allow that person to pass and never touch the HONK. However, in this day and age, it is important to ensure that the driver at the wheel of the second car has his eyes on the road and his hands on the wheel, instead of being busy on the mobile phone.

2. Most important it is to ensure that if one should see a lady driver, always make sure she drives off and keep a good five feet distance. Remember it is always Ladies First.

3. Inside the galley or on the pocket road and even on the main roads always give Right of Crossing to Pedestrians. When a pedestrian waits never be in that Tearing Hurry to reach the destination. Saving a life keeps you in right standing with God.


4. Respect the pedestrian signals always. They are there to protect those who cross the road. Never be in a hurry to see the Amber glow. The Amber is an indication to be ready for driving.

5. Never HONK unless turning blind corners, alerting the driver of another car to move on, permitting a pedestrian to cross where no pedestrian lights exist. Very important to observe Restraint and Touch the Honk pad with discretion.

6. When moving from a pocket road to a main road, it is important to keep a safe distance with the car in front. Should the vehicle in front develop a sudden snag, this distance stops a collision and saves on time and money. The driver in the rear car has the time and space to keep the cool, find a safer lane and move on. With avoiding a collision, one allows the traffic cop to look at other duties more pressing.

7. A gentleman driver thinks twice before leaping onto a main road, because the car in front could well be carrying a patient for the hospital. A rear end collision could result in delayed hospitalization.

8. On the main road a country bumpkin wants to drive off and so never really cares for the creature comforts of other drivers, while a gentleman driver always keeps his well-being in line with that of the fellow drivers. Thus it is important to use the Hi/Low beam to alert the driver on the pocket road to continue the journey.

9. Never drive on the sleeve of the road (the sleeve being the space beyond the yellow line) even in a giant traffic snarl. This space is reserved only for Ambulances, Police vehicles and such other emergency services.

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