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Ani Abraham/GAZ

As an automobile journalist, I am very much privileged to think about driving new cars, and testing them, as part of my daily job routine. Invitation to experience the land Rover Off-road was just another ticket for me and that too as usual (which I thought – and i was wrong!!).  Sunny day, scorching, but with full zeal I head towards the BIC.  Nothing was new for me, neither the Land Rover nor the BIC, as I had almost completed a decade in  automobile field.  Meeting Ibrahim (the instructor) was just another cup of tea, but what made my jaw drop was the flair of his introduction proficiency.  I almost felt that I am in a Kindergarten and he was my teacher.  He pinpoints each and every facets of the car, letting me into a stage of being more involved to the modish technicalities of the car. I started the training session with a formal intro of the car and the know-how of how to negotiate the challenges while off-roading.

Mr. Ibrahim, who has been in this field for a decade or so, showed me what a Land Rover can do – be it on a smooth ride or on a roughly road.  “It is up to you, whether you are studious to learn or experience, we as off-road instructors guide you with our huge hands-on know-how and experience of Land Rover and Range Rover Vehicles. If you are planning for an expedition or just want to experience this amazing off-road driving experience – you are most welcome; Mr. Ibrahim invited me to the off-road experience center at BIC.

Be it a demo, or a full-day experience, the trainers at the center are coupled with wide-range of Land Rover & Range Rover which means that you can test your own limits and really find out the capabilities of the vehicle.  Whether visitors want to drive one of the high-energy performance vehicles just for fun or take their skills up a gear, they can really test to the limit at this perfect location. Every experience comes with expert personal tuition from a Land Rover Experience instructor who will help you get the best out of your day.

The off-road driving sessions start with an expert tuition to gain greater understanding of the vehicle controls, techniques to handle the obstacles, and also how to access different hurdles which include, steep incline, camel humps, parallel driving, slide slopes, loose sands and much more.  Navigation through these hurdles will attain a higher level of confidence which will prepare you as a driver to the real world driving situations.

Almost an heart-attack, that what my expression when I came out from the driver seat of the car, but what I can guarantee you, that you should not miss a chance.Go for it.  The celebrated handling and vivid capability of a Range Rover and Land Rover will show you how it tackles almost any terrain with sureness. Far from being a one-off experience, here at our BIC, a number of learning opportunities have been developed to take you through different off-road scenes, including: steering and braking techniques, reversing and slalom skills, climbing and descending hills, crossing ditches and ridges and driving in ruts, wet grass and mud. But if you are not ready as a driver and want to see what it is like, and then let the expert instructors take you over broken bridges, climb large boulders and road. They may even go on sideways adventure and tackle hills at new angle.

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