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Passionate Beast – Maserati GranTurismo

Nothing conjures up passion like Italian automobiles. The history, the elegance the beauty and let’s not forget the performance. Nothing turns heads faster than an Italian sports car. Maserati had been left behind by its more illustrious neighbours but since a major restructuring the company with a little help from Ferrari, Fiat and Alfa Romeo expertise to create some modern masterpieces and breathing life into some cars that were looking as dead as your great granddad’s  pet dinosaur.  Maserati as you would expect from a Centennial has history on its side as is certainly not as annoying as a Millennial whining on about their life on Snapchat.

One marque that was rumoured to be on its way to the junkyard was the Gran Turismo but after a comeback of Justin Bieberesque proportions there are now rumours of a 2018 edition featuring a jaw dropping 560bhp but let’s look at what models are on the market right now. There are three. The first is the Gran Turismo, also the Gran Turismo Sport and last but definitely not least is the track focussed MC Stradale.

The Gran Turismo offers something for everyone. It has the most beautiful and unique design making in stand out in an ever crowding market and tipping its hat to the history of this car making giant. Just like you would expect from a major player in the luxury sports car market it is has every corner covered. Even the engine is hand made by those Ferrari experts in Marinello enough to impress even the most geeky petrol head. The specs are no less impressive. The Gran Turismo has a 4.2 litre V8 engine kicking out some 405hp. The Sport offers more power from a 4.7 V8 and 470hp and the MC Stradale is a street version of the Trofeo MC race giving you the full on racing experience and a top speed of 303 km/h.

The Maserati personifies all that is best about Italy in a car. The Interior styling is simply the best. You can choose your own style thanks to the Maserati personalisation package. Hand stitched by the luxury furniture maker Poltrona Frau using their most exclusive leather the seats feel as good as they look. The only problem you will have will be once you have sat on those seats you might need to upgrade your sofa at home.

Maserati appeals to the man or woman that knows the difference between style and substance and who wants both. You won’t be disappointed.

Model                          Maserati GranTurismo Engine 4.2l 90°V8

Max Power                  405 hp at 7100 rpm

Max Torque                460 NM at 4750 rpm

0-100                           5.2 Sec

Photography: Moh’d Alkhaja – At Novotel Hotel & Resort

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