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Porsche Cayman GTS

Perfection – Razor Sharp

Since its introduction to the market, Porsche has become well-esteemed performer, tying to its drop top brother, the Boxster. Till now, the makers have never made a move down and have continued to update the car, at the par with the technological excellence and keep on track to make it exiting. On top of everything, one word suites to all – the GTS Package as both the models are getting it to the top ranging levels that adds up better performance and handling with decades of tradition.  Jackpot is to our photographer, who was fishing for newer and newer angles to make it more beautiful in print.  At this time, you might be thinking – whats going on!!, what are we talking about. We are dealing with an end result of a perfect recipe from the Porsche team, which ended up in more horsepower, added with revised suspension for better handling and unparalleled feature of styling. Yes, the All new Porsche Cayman GTS is in your town.

The interiors are so aligned with the exterior designs featuring black leather upholstery. The standard sports seat are upholstered in Alcantara and also covers the central armrest, steering wheel, the shift or selector lever, as well as the inner door panels and the lower section of the dashboard.  It is further refined with the black GTS badge embroidered on the headrests, a tachometer with GTS badge and door sill plates that also display a black badge. Trim strips are also available on request for the first time in black anodised aluminium. Be it a part of luxury or the privilege for long distance travelling, the  Porsche is also offering the option of adaptive sport seats Plus and sport shell seats for GTS drivers. The adaptive sport Plus seats with 18-way electrical adjustment offer, in contrast to the standard seats, electrical adjustment for optimal lateral support in all driving situations, for instance longitudinal positioning, seat cushion angle and seat cushion depth. The leather-upholstered sport shell seats are also very lightweight. They offer manual longitudinal adjustment and have an integrated thorax airbag.

Performing part of the vehicle is more enthusiasts, as it almost gives us a surge that we all will love.  Packed with flat six-cylinder engines of the new top models are based on the 3.4-litre delivering 15 hp more power due to fine tuning, including optimised management of the combustion process by variable control of the intake camshaft to provide valve timing adjustment (VarioCam Plus). Nominal torque has also been increased by ten Newton metres and is available in the range from 4,750 rpm to 5,800 rpm for the Cayman GTS – ideal for powerful gear transitions during acceleration. This boost in performance drives the weight-to-power ratio of the Cayman GTS below the four kilograms per hp (3.95 kg/hp) barrier.

Additionally, as a standard option, Sport Chrono package with dynamic transmission mounts serves as a part of the systematic approach to optimizing dynamic performance. With an updgraded sports exhaust system, leaves behind you the impress on the road, when it comes to sporty sounds. The GTS also gets a better suspension setup straight from the factory. The Sport Chrono package and Active Suspension Management (PASM) come standard. With those packages come Dynamic engine mounts and variable damper stiffness that change with the driver-selectable settings. When in Sport+ mode, the car stiffens up, allowing for a more direct power application and crisper cornering. The throttle response also changes, allowing for a more rapid response to driver inputs.

The production house of each car is always at its tip to strive the perfection and maintaining the deliverance of quality at par with satisfaction. And Porsche is no different, but a pinch of extra is always from their side, just to ensure a repeated customer – who loves to own this perfectly aligned body of excellence again and again.

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