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Porsche Hits 1 Millionth Mark

An Irish green Porsche Carrera S became the one-millionth 911 to roll off the production line in Zuffenhausen. The one-millionth car boasts many exclusive features emulating the 1963 models.

It will start its journey at Porsche AG, move to enrich the collection at the Porsche Museum and then a world tour– including road trips in the Scottish Highlands, around the Nürburgring, the USA, China and beyond.

Dr Wolfgang Porsche, Chairman of the Supervisory Board at Porsche AG and part of the development of the 911 since day one, said, “54 years ago, I was able to take my first trips over the Grossglockner High Alpine Road with my father. The feeling of being in a 911 is just as enjoyable now as it was then.”

The two-door, rear-engine remains the most strategically important model in the product range and makes a huge contribution to maintaining Porsche’s position as one of the most profitable automotive manufacturers in the world. The Porsche 911 saw 32,365 vehicles delivered worldwide in 2016. Nevertheless, it has maintained its exclusivity over the decades and has become a coveted collector’s item.

The quality of the 911 is legendary and as such, over 70 per cent of all 911s ever built are still ready to drive today. In addition, it can consistently be found at the top of quality rankings such as the “Initial Quality Study” from the US market research institute J.D. Power.

Over half of Porsche’s 30,000 race wins can be credited to the iconic car. While Porsche has never strayed from the founding concept of the original 911, “we have continued to enhance the technology of the 911, refining and perfecting the sports car”, said Oliver Blume, Chairman of the Executive Board of Porsche AG.

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