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Renault Captur: Capturing the Buyer’s Desire

Renault Captur, a much talked about French crossover taking on the Bahrain market. The Captur follows hot on the heels of the Duster, which seems to have taken the fancy of the middle income buyer as the first buy in the move from cars to SUVs.

A complete roadster, with a clear suggestion from the dealer not to even test it offroad, I took the Luxury Edition(LE) through the Bahrain streets. It is the ideal choice for a nuclear family, clearly with enough room for two teenage children at the rear.

It is the same class Nissan Kicks, another crossover riding high among the youngsters and those looking for that break.

The Captur comes in over 15 exterior colors with only the LE having twin tone (mine being a navy blue on black.

The French crossover is an affable rounded vehicle with crisp contours and radiating youthfulness in the design.

On the upside we start with the design, a youngster’s delight. As the prices are undergoing change it would not be wise to put it out here.

It stands tall on 17 inch alloys on 205/55 rubbers. The colour match was indeed perfect with a navy blue on black. Swing open the doors and the first upside are the removable seat covers with zippers, allowing the upholstery to be clean all the time. The black edged seats matched well with the exterior and the interior colours.

The French origin gives the cabin a wee bit quirkiness, revealing those cute cubby holes and plenty of gloss black trim.

The interiors are, as in every other entity of the class, fitted with toughened plastics, but the colour combination gives a delight.  I felt that the colour combination itself made for some extra room.

The boot offers enough for a good visit to the mall for the weekend shopping. However, if you plan doing a weekend outing with two kids cycles and others, then you need to open the cover of the luggage space. The boot space is more than enough for a weekend getaway for the family, what with 377 litres of cargo room that can be expanded.

The airconditioner was simply too obedient, cooling the inside in about 10 seconds flat, once switched to automatic and 18 degrees.

Turning to things more serious, the Captur is powered by a 1.2-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine. Unlike many others in the same range the Captur has an allergy for fuel guzzling, taking only 5.1 liters / 100 km. In addition to the 111 horsepower and 190 Nm of torque, the French crossover hits the 100 km/h mark in 10.9 seconds.

Should you desire to go into economic driving more, all that is needed is depressing the Eco mode and the instrument cluster will immediate show the engine obeying it all. For the driver fond of cruising, the Captur is fitted with a cruise control and a speed limiter. I found it very useful especially in traffic. All I did was slipping into 50 km per hour and I was completely at rest, with the engine taking over. The Cruise control buttons are close to the steering on both right and left side. The Captur captures the thrill of cruising on the highways. On the left hand are the two buttons to increase or decrease the speed of cruising. Once the speeds are decided one can have it registered using the R and O on the right.

The Captur is fun to take on untarred roads, although for a short while. It does not roll or twist, but the suspension is a trifle too rigid. The large 16 inch tyres held the frame.

Research proved that the Captur was awarded a 5-star Euro NCAP crash rating. It is thus equipped with a bunch of features such as traction control, Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD).

The LE also has a parking rear camera that helps those who cannot park without a device.

Two aspects that create the comfort is the airconditioner’s ability to detect the outside temperature and accordingly change the cooling inside. In Bahrain, with its hot and humid climate, this is indeed a huge blessing.

The automatic headlamps really help out on dark roads. The more intelligent of technologies include, automatic vents that open and close along the anterior of the vehicle to moderate air flow through the radiator and improve fuel economy.

The LE is also fitted with The 7-inch R-Link infotainment screen offering a wealth of information pertaining to the vehicle including, a rather interesting Outside Air Quality meter with real time results.

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