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Ghassan Awadh, a 26-year-old business man does not have a specific passion.  But what defines him is the enthrallment to machines, be it that runs on road or water. Mr. Awadh has a Nissan GTR 2009 and a Seadoo Supercharged GTR 2015 jet ski.  GAZ got an opportunity to meet and interact with Ghassan who hit the 10 seconds barrier on the drag strips in the year 2011.Read on.

What is the Model & Make of your car and so far what modifications have you made?

The car is with full of Bolton’s parts such as the AMS street intercooler, fuel injectors, and air intake system and fuel pumps. The exterior has full carbon fibre body kits with 20” forged line wheels.

Your Hobbies and your favourite car?

Anything which is related to cars gives me happiness.  I am a regularly participating in most of the BIC events.  According to me the Nissan GTR is one of the best cars worldwide, it has proven with great records and commemorates.  I think it has brilliant sensational performance and drivability.

What you love most about your favourite car and what is so special about this car?

It has a great shape; it looks extremely pleasing on roads.  It performs exactly the way I like and it is very responsive and reactive. I was one of them who owned a GTR in Bahrain back in 2009. I hit the 10 seconds barrier on the drag strips in 2011

Do you participate in any auto shows and what is your dream car?

I did attend a few car shows which were arranged by BIC at the AMA University, the Batelco Car Show and others. Even though, my schedules are tight, I manage time to get along with gathering and assemblages. I don’t have a dream car and there is no particular make or model which I like the most. But most of the Japanese cars and American muscles give me interest, but I will make sure that I will add my own creativity on those when they reach my garage.

Your social media accounts if you would like to share them with the readers.

Instagram : @ghassan_awadh

Apart from having a whopping 2009 Nissan GTR, Mr. Ghassan also has a Seadoo Supercharged GTR 2015. He loves to negotiate his Jet Ski on the seas and practices watercraft as and when he gets time.

“For me, sea is really a great venue and a fun track! I came into this just hoping to prove that I can hang with my friends on weekends. I can’t complain one bit about it”

Seadoo Supercharged GTR 2015 is one of the latest models which were produced by SEADOO with its special colour. The GTR 215 is a fantastic everything-for-everybody family craft without having to make major compromises to things like sporty fun or fuel economy. Affordable lightweight, stable, fuel-friendly, and a performance craft-on-demand, this Sea-Doo truly does everything, and it does it pretty dang well.

Photography: Moh’d Alkhaja – At Amwaj Marina & BIC

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