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Those who believe that dreams can run on two wheels, will not lose an opportunity to grab em’.  Here,  Mr. Mohammed Al Shafei, who owns a BMWS100 RR believes that if a dream has to come true, we have to work on.  GAZ had an interaction with this fantabulous guy who started biking since 2005.

“I bought this bike in 2011, but later in 2013 I planned to give a makeover for the bike.  I felt that there should be uniqueness about my bike when I ride them on streets.  I customised the bike by changing the entire bike’s fairing to carbon fibre, changed the headlights from normal to angel eye headlights and modified the full fairing bolt kit to blue titanium, which was from the pro-bolt company”, said Mr. Al Shafei, who came first in his first ever attempt in racing among the sports bikes at BIC.

The steering damper of the bike has been changed to Ohlin’s damper.  There was also an HP kit that includes side mirrors and HP tail lights.  The bike also undergone changes like R&G sliders full chassis protection, full engine protection and a steering protection. A full lowering race kit from Brocks was fitted as well as a full titanium bolt by Pro-Bolt, lightweight sprockets from the RS7 Superlite Company and EK 3D 520 lightweight chains along with an rear extension for drag racing.

Speaking to GAZ, Mr. Mohammed Al-Shafei said, “I always strive hard and compete myself.  What perfection means to me is paying attention to what I have done.  I am hoping to break my own record in the future.  I will try participating in various other championships and also has plan to compete outside Gulf so that I can show my excellence and my capability in biking to other countries”

This modified BMW BMWS100 RR has a full titanium exhaust system titanium Mega CT and Brocks ceramic wheel bearings and also a racing air filter from Sprint.  The bike also underwent software and tuning adjustments by Bren Tuning for which Mr. Shafei thanks his friend Wael Al Dhaen for this support.

“ What you see now, is the result of my hard work and dedication and I Myself have changed each and every single part at home.  Since the parts were ordered from the different parts of the world, there is no question of quality degrade.  The parts, which I have changed gave the bike an overall excellence, and delivered exceptional quality both in the riding and security”, Mr. Mr. Mohammed Al Shafei , the holder of world record on shortest extension on drag strip (8.514s) commented to GAZ.

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Photography: Moh’d Alkhaja – At Bahrain Intl. Circuit

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