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Soft, Roomy Family Mobile: MG GS

The initials MG brings to mind the British sports car of yester years. The company, though, far from its iconic productions, now produces SUVs with its root firmly planted in China.

The MG GS, we test drove, proved to be a soft family utility vehicle. One should call it Zayani Motors response to the Duster and Tiggo3 – incidentally also of Chinese parentage.

The 1.5 litre turbocharged engine provides a firm drive. One needs to be firm on the steering wheel so that it stays on. The drive on Bahrain’s roads proved enthusing.

The steering stayed in place and did not need much of play around to make the turns. Change of gear, surprisingly for a Chinese UK hybrid, was not much of a bother.

In a country where the maximum permitted speed is 100 kmph, the ride seemed rather comfortable. When one takes the bens there is a slight roll but that is not much to complain about. The engine proved to be a quiet cat even at 80 kilometres.

Nothing extraordinary was expected on the dash, considering that it is not a pricey vehicle, in which one would expect all kinds of touchscreens and infotainment. A family car, when the entire crew is moving does not specifically need much of entertainment. That is a lot of waste, considering the family makes its own entertainment.

The electronics in the SUV I drove was basic and I guess it has to do with the pricing.

The mirrors, both the side and the rearview were quite large and impressive.

Look into the interior and one is sure to sigh a huge relief, what with roomy interiors good enough to hold an average nuclear family and a couple of more children for a weekend drive.

The boot of the car proved to be very practical offering much in comparison with many in its class. Driving down a cluttered second class road did not seem to bother much. The driver’s seat was rather comfortable and the second seat in front also looked rather large enough to take a larger person.

It offered plenty of headroom and driving space which heightened the pleasure of driving. The headlights were powerful enough to light the way quite around the corner.

Overall, a very comfortable MG.

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