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Meet Mr. Ghassan Rabie, owner of Ghassan Car Center!! He is the perfect example of how hard work can pay off for anyone.

Ghassan speaks to GAZ about the business of Cars and Quality of service and of course the Strategies.


1, How did you start your career? How did you begin your career in the automotive world?

I started my career in the automobile industry, joined as a salesman at Hyundai Motors, 15 years ago with an ambition to build a strong career and now I strongly believe that, I’m moving towards fulfilling my goal.

2, How did you enter this business?

I envision the indispensable role of the sub-dealer market, where you have experienced variety, flexibility, cost advantage, and consumer learning .The business climate for a new car dealership is very difficult in the current scenario of Bahrain .If the customer is not satisfied or confident enough you may face many issues like decrease in sales, switching brands or even affecting the goodwill as well. This in turn creates an unfavorable condition for car dealers. Another important problem that Consumers frequently report is the increasing cost of spare parts, So with a strong intention to solve all these issues and provide a better service to the customer, I launched Ghassan Car Center , here customer can feel the difference in the quality of services.

 3, How is your experience of working in different sectors?

Work ethics standard are universal in every job I have had. I would raise my standard against the challenges of the time. I set some key principles of success that are lifelong. Most of my work experience was gained during my job as a showroom manager in the National Motor Company.

4, How can you differentiate Ghassan Car Center to others?

Our message is clear:” We are not just selling cars but rather deliver excellence”. Our aim is to provide excellent service to the customers rather than making money. As I said; customer can feel the difference in the quality of service through our expert team.

5, What is the philosophy of a successful businessman in your view?

I am following Winston Churchill words “success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm”. Never give up after you fail. Failure is the first step of success, if you don’t fail, then you wouldn’t succeed. Learn from your failures. After you learn from your failures, you have a better chance to change failure into success. Never look down to it. No matter how many times you fail, if you never give up, you will get that succeeding feeling.

Working tirelessly with the collaboration of your trusted business partners and sincere employees and availing you of every opportunity. You need to work with people so it is very important to distribute responsibilities in your organization wisely and rightly in order to obtain better and long-term results, which actually make a successful businessman in every field and country.

6, Being a boss, how do you evaluate the performance of Bahrain human  resource?

Bahrain’s human capital is especially receptive to motivation and recognition. The performance of our citizens is good as they are hardworking and talented. Further, your encouragement inculcates a sense of participation among your employees and their input becomes inevitably fruitful for the organization as they assume that this is their own organization. I don’t have to give too many directions to my employees because workers from top to bottom work honestly and independently without any fear.

 8, What unique challenges and rewards come from working in the automotive field?

Frenzy competition among car makers keeps our anticipation just as high for the next innovative lead. The trend is steering toward prestige than car size. Upgrading isn’t a matter of design improvement per se. A whole lot of consumer education is involved here. In order for us to enrich our consumer’s experience in the decision making process, we are constantly synchronizing the information flow to better serve them – not to mention our stakeholders. You can think of reward in terms of excellent business experience.

9, Which medium of advertising do you rely on the most and why?

Good question! For advertising to fuel sales you need to consider what value is attached to your message. The general public is bombarded by commercials causing much confusion. Nothing is as effective as an honest word of mouth.

10, What is your present priority of life as a businessman?

Create a working culture that is fundamental to success as well as serving an underserved market with unparalleled offerings.

11, What do you consider your greatest success? Biggest setback?

My family! A man with his family standing firmly next to him is an uncrowned champion. Major setback? Mmmm, no it isn’t financially.  Loss of a very close person is irretrievable and thus bigger in impact.

13, Who are the biggest inspirations for your career?

Notably, my previous manager.

14, How do you spend your leisure time?

I spend my leisure time with my family. In addition, having informal meetings, sometimes reading magazines, or watching my favorite shows.

15, What are some of your personal and/or professional goals for the future?

Business expansion obviously is on my priority. Achieving a satisfactory fitness level is one am pursuing, that’s about my personal goal!

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