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Sturgis Winner – The Champ

Yes, we’re going to call him the Arab Champ not just because he is our good friend, not just because he has won over 150 trophies in the GCC and internationally, not because he was the Kuwait HOG director for 6 years, not even based on the fact that he owns 10 of the highest calibre bikes in the region or because as a biker he is an off roader, racer, a cruiser and a bike owner.

The reason is because he is the only Arab who builds his own bikes on his own soil. He is actually the very first to take on European bike shows and American bike shows by storm and he has been featured in the top industry magazines worldwide including:

Low Ride Magazine

Easy Rider Magazine

Biker Power Magazine

Dream Machine Magazine

And just about any other magazine related to bikes that have ever been published. More than just a competitor he is respected worldwide as a builder and also as a gentleman of motor bikes.

It was my huge pleasure to meet the man and it is very rare that I get nervous when I interview people but I am not ashamed to say sitting next to greatness I was a little nervous. His name is of course Nedal A.Amin and he is from Kuwait. He has been riding since the age of 10. He is interested in anything that has a motor such as Powerboats, bikes, street rods and cars. I wanted to know where he first developed that passion that is so evident when you talk to him. He told me that it came from his father who had a dealership and was an agent for Lamborghini, Alfa Romeo, Motor Guzzi, Laverda and American Motor Company. From a young age he was literally surrounded by cars. From cars he made an instant jump to bikes and he loved on and off road dirt bikes. He also developed a love for Dune Buggies. As he grew older so did his ambitions and passions. In the 80s he developed an interest in Powerboat Racing and joined several boat races in Kuwait and throughout the GCC. He raced with the Victory team and other top teams.

He moved on from water to two wheels and continued a long held enjoyment of street bikes. He started to ride a Harley Davidson. His first bike was a Softail Fat Boy FLSTF. He enjoyed riding his Harley so much with friends that he started to show his bikes and then a short time afterwards he starting modifying Harleys making them look better and improving their performance and they grabbed the attention of everybody.

He became Hog Director of the Kuwait Chapter. Throughout this period his passion for bikes became ever greater. Every moment was devoted to bikes. He travelled to numerous exhibitions, events, rallies and trade fairs. He made some amazing contacts and he now became friends, with bike builders, parts suppliers, fabricators and painters. It was then that he moved his passion one step further and Nedal became obsessed with designing the perfect bike. He wanted to compete at designing bikes. He realised quickly that there are limits to production frames and began experimenting and testing with ground up bike builds. He was using new concepts and rapidly he started making waves that lapped up on the European and American shores. People started to take notice of The Champ’s bike designs and they found a very willing audience.

After participating and winning in all of the GCC countries since 2003 he has noticed that standards have improved. Most people are interested in baggers that are brought from the American market. Some people still like choppers and bobbers but its concept bikes that are his passion and speciality.

Nedal started showing Harleys in 2003 and covered all of the GCC countries. He has modified and customised bikes in all of these classes, Softail, Touring, Trike, Vrod, Chopper, Prostreet and Rat rod. He is an expert at Machining and Milling. He also engraves manually and with lasers. His ability and custom paint designs in unsurpassable. He is also fantastic at Engine hop ups especially modification and boosting and he is great at designing fuel tanks from sheet metal and fenders and body parts. This man is like a bike surgeon. He knows every part of a bike and how it works. He gives all the bikes his own personal touch. They are all finished at his house’s workshop.

Having put into practice all his prowess and using all his connections, experience and understanding of bike building he decided to move on to Europe and America to show that he was more than capable of competing on the same terms as their citizens. Of course like at everything he does he was a massive success and won Best of Show in Italy and Austria and also in Daytona, Florida, Leesburg, Florida and Sturgis, South Dakota.

I enquired what makes his bikes so much more impressive than those of his rivals and he told me some amazing piece of wisdom. He said that his passion for these bikes is what makes them different. He has an ability to conjure up images in his mind and then replicate them idea for idea. He truly is a genius and you can see that in every bike he has created. They are absolutely stunning. He is the Yoda of bikes. A true master. He told me that he builds bikes to challenge himself first and then when he has won that battle he wants to challenge others. He is ultra-competitive but this is what drives him to bring these modern day masterpieces to life. Obviously, this is what has driven him for so long to be the best at what he does. It took him time to get where he is now, a lot of effort and lots of money but now he is reaping the rewards. He has won lots of competitions and also has the respect of the whole bike industry. He hopes to be a pioneer and inspire other to follow his lead and indulge in his passion.

Nedal talks about his life as a journey. He believes that the journey is not over yet and he continues to come up with new ideas and this of course leads to new concepts and new builds. His ability is only matched by his patriotism and he is proud that through his passion he is putting Kuwait on the map for bike building. One thing is for sure those bikes are now world class and he is challenging the world with his iconic bike building.

From an absolute gentleman and an inspiration it is not a surprise that his final words are full of humility. He would like to thank all his friends and family and supporters from around the world for giving him the motivation and drive to continue building bigger, badder, winning monster bikes.

Thanks Champ you truly are a legend and an inspiration.

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