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Style Over Passion

Mr. Hussain Bashkardi is an active member of Bahrain Motorcycle Club (BMC). His bike, the 2005 HD Softail Springer Classic. has undergone many changes which have given an impressive look to the bike. “The whole lot of alterations and changes what you see has been done from Nader Garage. I have changed the colour from matt to glossy, added a headlight grille guard, Kickstarter etc. All the parts were ordered from U.S.A.Mr. Bashkardi was riding bike since 2010, and till now his zeal and elan drives him to become a highly matured biker. “I always have given prior importance to the safety. It is my first concern. Amongst bikes, I like Vintage collection, classic and old school models”, Mr. Bashkardi said to GAZ, who in future is planning to own a Goldwing.

This version contemplates some of the details of the postwar model better than any previous modern Springer. The fork assembly’s legs, for example, are black powder coated to mimic ’48’s black enamel finish, which had much less chrome than current bikes. This fork bows to modern tastes with its chrome springs and damper assembly. However, the fork straddles a deep fender uninterrupted by chrome or logos, crowned by a running light at its tip. The blackout treatment extends to the oil tank, which also gets a badge recreating a label listing Harley patents. The label was last used on new bikes in the ’40s. Although chrome, the exhaust system mimics the ’48 bike’s 2-into-1 system&#151at least from the right. The ’05 Springer Classic also has an additional muffler on the left, which permits better performance than a single muffler. The aluminum tank graphic with stamped-aluminum trim (taken from Harleys of the early ’40s) running around the tank like a belt adds another classic touch.Wire-spoke wheels (with tube-type tires) are de rigueur on any retro bike, though you wouldn’t have seen as much bright metal as these have in a pre-’50s motorcycle.
Some of the unique feature of the bike are Black powder-coated engine with chrome covers; black and chrome powder-coated Springer suspension; cross-over dual exhaust; fat tires; floor boards; hardtail styling with hidden horizontal rear shocks; FL rear fender; beach style handlebar, tombstone style taillight; quick change one-up or two-up seating. The Springer leading-link front suspension looks as good as it did on a ’48 Panhead™. And it’s just as ready to log some miles. The beach-style handlebar is wide and pulled back. There are big floorboards. The seat and console get leather detailing. A new passenger pillion detaches in seconds. And you’ll be bringing plenty of nostalgia along for the ride.

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