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Sulaiman Al Kanderi – Following in his father’s motorsport footsteps

Sulaiman Al Kanderi is yet another young talent from the Gulf that is on his way to stardom. Following on with his father’s passion for cars, this young gentleman is starting where all the great Formula 1 drivers started – go karting. Dedication is an understatement! He travels from Kuwait on the weekends for training at the Bahrain International Karting Circuit.

Coincidently I met Sulaiman the first time at a 2000cc event at the BIC, along with his father and none other than Hassan Sadadi, who was featured last month. Sulaiman’s father Mohammed is another Rally Co Driving Legend that we have in the Middle East. It was clear from that moment I met him, that Sulaiman had stars and cars in his eyes. This 11 years old, oozes passion and has big dreams of one day being a Formula One Driver like his favourite driver Lewis Hamilton.

GAZ went along to one of his training sessions and it was evident that he is going to be one to watch out for. As the session went on, his time was getting faster and was pushing his kart more through the turns.  For those of you that have never driven a Rotax Go Kart, they are pretty fast and not that easy to handle, and can be very tiring. Sulaiman, his and his trainer are aiming to have him participate in an event this Ramadan in Bahrain. I am positive that I am not the only one eager to watch this young man follow his dreams.

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