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The Cat’s Whiskers – Jaguar F-Pace

Once upon a time performance crossovers were seen as a joke. Marketing guff to make a man feel a bit more masculine about driving what most of us saw as a Soccer Mom’s car. The car that your wife drops the kids to school in. Not any more with the unveiling of the Jaguar F-Pace. This is a car that delivers and not just your kids to school.

Jaguar’s first crossover has hit the spot. It is ground-breaking in so many different ways expanding on the concept of the C-X17. Just like the big cat it has amazing agility thanks to the Torque Vectoring. You expect it to be sluggish but it is not the 380PS V6 shifts you from 0-60mph in 5.1 seconds. Having nothing else on the market in the same class has given Jaguar the option of rewriting the rulebook and what is expected from a crossover.

If like me you like to have the latest gadgets then this is the car for you. What attracted me was the technology. From the all new Activity Key, a piece of actually useful wearable tech to the InControl Touch Pro and an amazing eight yes eight devices that can be connected to the WIFI Hotspot.

This is a car of the future right now. It is Virtual Reality to the rest of the competition’s GameBoy. It’s so far ahead of the times that it makes rival cars look prehistoric. I can’t imagine what more you could ever want from a crossover.

They are looking for a new James Bond; well driving around in this beauty will make you feel more like a super hero than a secret agent. Although it does feel like some futuristic beast from Q’s lab. One thing that won’t happen is that nobody notices you judging from the amount of attention we received whilst driving the best and most beautiful crossover on the market.

Model                                 Jaguar F-PACE  Engine supercharged V6

Max Power                        380 @ 6,500rpm

Max Torque                      450 @ 4,500rpm

0-100                                 5.5 Sec

Photography: Moh’d Alkhaja – At Amwaj Marina

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