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The classic duos – Camaro Z28 – 1973

If you guys have seen the film ‘21 Jump Street’ then you might have also seen the Camaro which was sported in the movie. We are not Channing Tatum, but whoever liked this movie has also liked the car. The fourth sequel of the “Fast & Furious” also features a Camaro.   Well in that case, if we go on giving you examples of Camaro, there are umpteen. But for now, we have duos, Mr. Salman Shehabi and Jasim Al Ajmi who owns a similar one.  Like others, they also liked the Camaro and looked up to. What made them excel is the restoration beauty that they have given to the car. Let’s check out in detail.

Most of the automobile fancier liked the Camaro because it was a stylish blend of well-sculpted bodylines with curves and bend in all of at the right places. The hidden headlights and race stripe around the front fenders of the car took the car to an even higher level of admiration to younger generation. The production of the car ended in 2002.  The car was classified as ‘pony’ under Chevrolet  and had some more versions which was called as Muscle cars. The first-generation Camaro lasted until the 1969 model year and eventually inspired the design of the new retro fifth-generation Camaro.

Both Salman and Jasim equipped a 383 stroke, upgraded to a 350 gearbox and a limited differential were connected to gorgeous Centerline wheels.

Salman learned the subtitles of the art following the footsteps of his father. He was deeply tempted by him, and started to work on classic cars at a very young age. On the other hand, Mr. Jasim was his friendly neighborhood. They both shared the same level of zeal and ardor towards classic cars.  The mania itself was the reason behind the Jasim’s visit to Salman’s house.  Came after out of the friendship is what you see now on four wheels – The adorably well-built classic Camaro 1973.

“One year ago we two started the work on this car.  Initially, it was just a metal scrap, un-functioned for ages. We felt that the shift was lurch, but we decided to work until it came to its finish. We were adamant that the rewards for our hard work will be paid one day. Now, after so much of hardship and rigorousness, we managed to get a good number of accolades both from local and international car shows”, said Salman and Jasim to GAZ.

The classic duo also showed their earnest gratitude to the Bahrain Classic Cars club for their support towards classic cars and moto-fanciers.

Photography: Moh’d Alkhaja – At Amwaj Island

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