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The Dipstop is Bahrain’s newest addition to the automotive customization scene.As the Installers for Plasti dip of an American franchise,they deliver professional and premium quality services, such as Dipping.Detailing.Tinting and Car Care(D.D.T.C).


The term, “dipping” refers to the application of Plasti Dip to any type of part of a vehicle of even the full vehicle itself . Plasti Dip is a ruber based removable coating that is water resistant and hydrophobic in nature and can be applied to any type of surface, without harming the original finish of the surface in any way. With comparison to wrapping a full vehicle, or its parts, dipping does not leave any glue or residue on your original paint as it takes form on you car, by the proces of bonding, as layer by layer is applied With the service of dipping only at TDS, the customer not only gets a protective coating over their expensive original paints, but they can also choose from over thousands of colors (That’s right 1000’s) to choose from. Also, the customer can choose from a custom color,  that TDS can replicate or make to achieve the desired finish. The Dip Stop also does vehicle branding, using diping methods to ensure each vehicle is a work of art.  Also they do use UV Protected Plasti Dip and provide a warranty on every job!


TDS offers Detailing packages, such as exterior and interior detailing packages for all types of vehicles. Their combination of a well trained staff, as well as Premium German & Italian based products, with the right technology, ensures a clean, smoth and glass cut surface. Their car wash packages, attract a large number of the G.C.C’s collection of sport, luxury as well as exotic cars, for their detail oriented work, getting every nook and corner of the vehicle to look like its brand new…everyday!


The Dip Stop also has a wide selection of tinting packages for automotive use with UV reduction upto 99% and heat rejection upto 84%, using their in house brand of window films of – NanoTek. Whether its metallized, non-metallized or even nano ceramic, TDS carries the entire line of films to suit your needs.


TDS also offers Car-Care Solutions such as Nano-Paint Protection Packages, Interior Protection Packages,Sandstorm/Desert Protection Solutions, Front Protection Packages and much more.

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