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Audi Q2: The getaway car of the young in Bahrain

The Audi Q2, the most suited for Bahrain’s upper class youngsters, both male and female, is our take, based on what we drove.

A crossover best meant for the urban young, the Audi Q2 is a city getaway vehicle. The car, though small, is loaded with features. The one huge takeaway with the Q2 being the personalization levels that the manufacturers permit. This means that the driver can have a much personalised vehicle.

The Q2 we drove, was good enough to have four youngsters indulge in their drives. As mentioned, the car is an urban getaway and the boot is just the right proof of it. The boot can easily take all the knick-knacks needed for a weekend getaway.

The performance of the car was adequately good, considering that no roads in Bahrain can compare to the freeways and auto-bahns. The wheelbase of the Q2 is conservative, but adequate enough. Given its close relation to the A3, the Q2 deive is almost similar.

The vehicle handles corners with great aplomb. The steering is measured in turnings. On the drive, we found that not much play was needed when taking the corners. However, the Q2 relies heavily on driver aids and the torque vectoring system is particularly intrusive.

We found that the car we drove had a firm ride. It follows bumps with great ease.

The steering is not too heavy, making it an easy car to drive around town –. The raised positon of the steering gives a huge advantage. The conservative wheelbase and high centre of gravity, factored in, the body roll is not too much. This is facilitated by the wide track.

The steering, coupled with the firm suspension set-up, allows the Q2 to corner bends with the sort of agility one expects from a warm hatch. However, push a little harder and the torque-vectoring system becomes intrusive, applying the brakes strongly enough to actually slow the car’s progress a little. We felt very much in line with the roads in the Q2 .

The interiors of the Q2 give the Audi feel. The contours are indeed very relaxing and do not give a sticky ride. The standard seven-inch infotainment screen is pin-sharp, while the materials used in all but the most out-of-reach areas are soft to touch and feel suitably upmarket. The Q2 is to Audi, what the Kicks is to Nissan.

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