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The Legacy of Rally – Abdul Rahman Ghulum

 GAZ has an opportunity to meet this legendary rally driver from our kingdom, Mr. Abdul Rahman.  This 70-year-old engertic man has litteraly given our publication a jerk of surprise.  Speaking to his was an experience and we assure our readers that the same will pass to you too.  Read Excerpts.

Abdul Rahman who started his passion of car at the age of 14, dreamed about owning a garage by his own.  “ While I was studying in Salmania school, I Used to Visit the nearby workshop and observe their works, after the School hours. Slowly I started to help the workshop to clean the cars fetching the tools. And finally a garage owner accepted to teach and asked me to assist him. For one year I worked with them after my school hours and at that time there were more of American cars. After one year I left the garage and started working on cars outside my house. By 1976 I went to England. There I had more exposure to car and started rallying”, Mr, Rahman told to GAZ.


Every race and every car I have sat in I enjoyed. Never got bored of what I was doing. Best achievement was in 2005 third grup group in middle east championship. Most of my races are in to middle east. I Have done track racing, Drag Racing. I got the first lancer in Bahrain,  got the first EVO 5 in Bahrain. I Have Recently added and Honda Goldwing to my garage.  Try to get whatever I can and keep the family happy and kepp every body happy and keep  my self combined.


Speaking about future plans, Mr. Abdul Rahman told said to GAZ, “I keep educating the children on how to drive safe and what is a rally car how is racing. I am ready to train anyone who is willing to get trained in rallying and I will be more than happy to train them:

This highly talented experience rally driver wanted to train and bring up future talents even if they cannot afford to own a car. He also would like to provide them car to practice and he already have a plan to build practice car for the youth. I am committed to bring up at least one talent as a legacy.


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