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The Sea-Doo RXT-X 260 RS is the flagship model of the range offering performance, comfort and style. And with summer just around the corner we thought this was the perfect time to put it through its paces. This muscular performance watercraft delivers comfort, speed, strength and stability thanks to its exclusive X-package. The X-Package includes a stack of features including a racing-inspired seat that looks the part and is super comfy.


The fully adjustable handlebars, or as Sea-Doo call it, adjustable ergonomic steering (AES), enables the width and angle of the handlebars to be adjusted to suit all size riders. This also means you can adjust them to suit your style of riding. If you prefer sitting you would have the handlebars lower as opposed to standing where you might choose to set them in a higher position.
The rear, which give the PWC, more stability, can be moved into three different positions, Freeride, Sport and Race. Freeride sits the sponsons higher up on the sides of the hull, providing a more playful experience. The Sport position is a little lower, while Race drops them lower again causing the hull to sit higher out of the water when underway, providing a more aggressive experience and assisting with lateral stability even when making tight turns at speed.


The Sea-Doo RXT-X 260 RS has an S3 deep-v hull in a stepped design that reduces drag and helps keep you glued to the surface of the water. Even with the 60-litre fuel tank on board you will need to keep an eye on the fuel gauge. She can be thirsty depending on the way you are riding.

The Stock one was Supposed to speed at 66miles/H after modification it is capable of going up to 83miles/H, The modifications done in the model is an Upgraded Super Charger, Modified Valve Springs, Upgraded Fuel injection System. A A New Cam Shaft- ( Bader Stage 4 Cam Shaft) along with a Modified Impeller with Custom Patch is also imbedded to the machine. Finally The ECU Was Tuned to match with all the changes.


Bader Performance Products: –

Mr. Bader Ali four Times Qatar Drag Race Champion started in the year 1992 in Muharraq. He area of expertise involves in providing parts to the jet-ski enthusiasts in USA and also catering the needs of jet-ski lovers in Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi and UAE.

Mr. Jasim Ebrahim Khonji.( Jet-ski Owner) , started it as a hobby and thereby renting it to those in need. His passion dwells in perfection on what he does. This lead him to buy a jet-ski and transmute in an unique way that he achieve his goals and he can define himself.

All The modifications done from the engine sound, paint is intended to satisfy him in such a way that he can maintain his hobby and focus on his family and profession as an airline pilot.


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