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Thrill Instructor – Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 Coupé

Model                 AMG GLE 63 S

Engine                5-L V8 BITURBO

Max Power         585 hp at 5500 rpm

Max Torque       760 Nm @5250 rpm

0-100                  4.2 Sec

Car manufacturers and designers always struggle to create exciting and new cars. It is a huge problem especially with an ever crowding market especially in the SUV’s. For many years the sport part had more to do with the amount of people in them rather than anything actually sporty. Well this car definitely is a sporty SUV. If you want a car that’s as good to drive as it is to look at then this car could be the perfect marriage.

On first inspection you cannot help but be impressed, it looks like a brother of the S-Class coupe. For too long cars especially SUV’s are wedged into the classes of cars and do not look like they fit. They are like the black sheep of the family but this is not the case with GLE 63. It is the alpha male of the family it is going to get your attention and it is going to be listened to, or else. This car really does feel sporty but it has the shape of the SUV. It is only when you are behind the wheel can you truly marvel at the amazingness of it all. Personally I think car is definitely cuter than the X6.

The sport comes from that engine a 5.5 litre V8 that gives you 585 brake horsepower. It is fast. It is almost scarily fast. I found that it could do 0-100km/h in 4.2 seconds which is very impressive. Switch on that engine and turns from a mild mannered friend to into a hulking beast. It is like being behind the wheel of a Gran Turismo car.

I do not feel there is anything that this car isn’t. It is sporty, it is spacious, it feels like a luxury product and it delivers performance. Sitting in the car you can feel that strong leather underneath you and the AMG crest on the head rest underline the inclusive quality. The steering wheel feels perfect in your hands and the use of aluminium in the interior adds a unique flavour. My only slight issue is the dashboard does feel a bit dated especially when you compare it to the luxury everywhere else.

Another impressive quality this car has is that you can actually take it off-road and have even more fun. Those 22 inch alloys make it so much fun off road. This car has everything. It is so spacious. They have not tried to put extra seats in for the sake of it. No, you have a big boot instead. I really do not know what more I could ask for. It offers you everything that you ever dreamt about and then gives you a little bit more. It is like a football team that never loses or a bottomless drink. I think this is the best sporty crossover on the market. Do I have to give it back?

Photography: Moh’d Alkhaja – At Al Areen Palace Hotel

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